Why Social Security is a Vital Part of Future Planning

Social security is a great and important part of finance management. Most of the people involve financial advisers to help them make the right choices in order to secure their future incomes. A study on angel.co conducted among people close or of retirement age shows that most of these people involve financial advisers in their retirement plan management. Most of them also confirmed that some of the advisers fail to mention to them the topic of social security. 4 out of 5 of these people claimed that they would rather change their advisers than be stuck with one who does not explain such a crucial matter to them.

David Giertz a financial adviser at nationwide life insurance claimed that the main reason behind the unethical behavior by advisers is the lack of confidence in the many social security rules. They chose to omit it because they do not understand the issue well. David Giertz argues that it is essential for advisers to speak about the issue because they could lose their clients. Additionally, the issue of social security is an important issue to the client. If clients start on the social security too early they are likely to lose thousands of dollars each year and this is a very big long-term loss on Twitter.

David Giertz is also the vice president of the finance distributor and sales subsidiary of the Nationwide Company. He has worked in other finance positions at the company and other subsidiary companies. His current position involves the administration work as well as advisory duties to both the company and any clients of the company. David Giertz is listed with the FIRNA as one of the licensed brokers. This gives him the mandate to deal in the sales and purchases of securities, shares, stock and bonds. At Nationwide he is exposed to the underwriting mutual funds sale and purchase of life insurance annuities at https://about.me/davidgiertz.