Todd Lubar’s Key Lessons

Todd Lubar’s career in finance real estate is an amazing story. Lubar’s interest in finance and real estate stems from his passion for helping others. He’s one of the top-ranked mortgage originators in the country.

His career started at Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator. His financial interests led him to conservative mortgage banking. After learning all he could, he moved on to earn more lending capabilities. Soon, he loaned to outside lending investors and as a direct mortgage bank.

After founding his own company, Legendary Properties, Mr. Todd Lubar discovered an underserved market. Many of his former clients were financially stable individuals and companies who had no problem acquiring needed loans. Todd Lubar wanted to help all those who had trouble acquiring much-needed loans. His initial response was Legendary Financial; his current company is TDL Global Ventures.

The sole purpose of TDL is helping common people fulfill their homeownership dreams. He uses TDL to eliminate or weaken common barriers many people face when trying to get a loan. Ultimately, Lubar ended up creating his own product and program: RELIEF.

Like all entrepreneurs, Lubar made many mistakes early in his career. Firstly, he’d go back and re-evaluate the people in his inner circle. The best friends challenge and promote growth. Secondly, he learned the importance of repetitive and mundane tasks. Small moments of hard work lead to bigger success. And lastly, he never let failure keep him down.

Lubar also believes in fostering and open, trusting, and honest communication culture. Business work much better when everyone is on the same page. Rather than submit to failure, the entire company addresses the issues and comes back from failure. Additionally, team members put in more effort when they feel their voice carries weight with the boss.

The true key Todd Lubar’s success is his hyperactive organizational skills. He uses his love for the business to fuel his business agenda. He’s constantly got his eye on every aspect of his companies. He makes it a personal mission to make every decision an informed decision.

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