The Financial Investment Expertise of Mike Baur

A Swiss entrepreneur and businessman, Mike Baur is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur’s home is in Fribourg, Switzerland. Baur’s fascination with finance and banking begun when in his teenage years. Baur later went on to pursue a career that reflected his passion-banking and finance. Baur has two MBAs from the University of Bern and Rochester New York respectively. Baur has been in the banking industry for more than 20 years, working for firms such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Baur left the banking profession and turned his focus to startup companies. It was after analyzing the needs and challenges facing startup organizations that he partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in 2014 to co-found Swiss Startup Factory. The company has 43 branches across the world and employs more than 2,000 professionals.


The Services Offered by Swiss Startup Factory


The main objective of Mike Baur is to help Swiss youth entrepreneurs. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Baur aims to provide young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a professional execution base that guides them through a business-oriented and dedicated process with well laid out milestones. Some of the initiatives that Baur has introduced through his Swiss Startup Factory include a startup accelerator program, co-working space services, and financial accounting services. The startup accelerator program is an initiative that offers startups with mentoring, coaching, financing services, office space, and exposure to a large investor and entrepreneurial network. The accelerator program is a three month training session.


Apart from the accelerator program, Swiss Startup Factory offers co-working space services. In an effort to promote the youthful entrepreneurs who have very little financial resources when starting up, Baur and his colleagues introduced co-working space services that include affordable conference rooms, lunch rooms, office spaces, in-house filming studio, free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, storage space, and official desks.


In addition to helping startups get on their feet, Baur and co. through the Swiss Startup Factory offers finance and accounting advice to its clients. The professionals at Swiss Startup Factory advice clients on bookkeeping, payroll management, invoice management, reporting of VAT and tax, financial statements, cash flow reports, and other basic finance and accounting knowledge that can help newbie entrepreneurs manage and run their businesses effectively.


Beneficiaries of the Initiatives by Swiss Startup


The services offered by Swiss Startup under the leadership of Baur have led to the establishment of many renowned brands. Some of the startups that have benefited from the Swiss Startup Factory include: Blinkers, Beaconsmind, Carhelper, and Struckd



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