The Determinations of Mike Baur to transform the Swiss Banking Industry.

Mike Baur is a top business person who has been focused on discovering the new transformations that IT can offer to the Swiss banking industry. He is the proprietor of The Swiss Startup Factory. His company is committed to providing aid to emerging enterprises that would like to succeed in the banking industry but lack sufficient funds and mentorship to support their growth. The entrepreneur has been offering the capital that is required to support the startup by convincing business leaders to invest their money in the projects.


Mr. Baur recently recruited a new member, who is known as Michael Hartweg. He was a former employee of the Leonteq, but he quit two years ago to pursue personal dreams. His responsibility at the company will be to act as an investor and counselor. Hartweg will be selecting the projects that he would like to support and will motivate them as they develop until they understand how the business sector works. He has joined the list of the many investors that Mike Baur was invited to offer financial aid to Fintech enterprises. Mike’s initiatives include an accelerator program for projects. The plan is also devoted to supporting Fintech firms. It assists Fintech companies that need to be boosted finically and also motivated.


Mike established both his enterprise and the accelerator plan in 2014. The chief officers of the SSF are located in Zurich, and it is dedicated supporting innovative individuals who have Fintech startups. The firm ensures that the enterprises can develop themselves and maneuver in the business community. As the chief executive officer of the company, Baur invests a lot of time to access the most reliable investors that can offer useful contributions to startups.


The entrepreneur has always ensured that businesses can access capital and motivation for his acceleration project to be active. He has been serving the Swiss banking industry for approximately 20 years. His long service has enabled him to acquire unparalleled experience that assists him to understand business models that can be successful in the corporate world and those that fail. This knowledge has allowed him to adjust all aspects in the programs that he manages to match the needs of the IT and banking sector. According to him, there are very many firms in the Swiss banking industry, but very few use IT in running their activities. Lack of this technology puts them in a disadvantaged position.


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