Securus Technologies Is One Of The First To Come Up With A Crime Prevention Program

Never underestimate the value of communicating over a secure network with inmate calling. Securus Technologies believes customer safety should always come first. Their CEO, Rick Smith, has initiated a crime prevention program that goes beyond incarceration. They have applied the same monitoring surveillance used as a government regulation provider to prevent manytele communication crimes. In fact, Smith tells PRN Newswire, 1/3 of all facility related crimes start over the phone and they’re able to safely monitor inmate calls. Each call is government regulated under the state Public Utility Commission. Join Securus and enjoy a technologically advanced network today.


Securus Crime Prevention


– stop illegal inmate gambling

– prevent illegal cellphone use

– add additional facility monitoring

– protected financial transactions

– stop telecommunicate fraud/abuse

track suspicious activity

– and more.


You can trust you’re communicating over a secure network. They were one of the first inmate calling providers to answer to a stabilized inmate calling network. Their prices remain competitive $4 to $1. Join Securus today and take part in many first-time promotional offers for their services and features. Rick Smith says, Securus Technologies strives to put their customers first and ensure their safety with crime prevention.