Raj Fernando – An Inspirational Trader And Foreign Policy Expert

Since starting college, Raj Fernando was always interested in understanding the dynamics of financial markets. Therefore, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree, he started learning the tricks of the trade at CME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange. On the trading floor of CME, Raj exhibited phenomenal decision making capabilities and understanding of the markets, which allowed him to climb the corporate ladder, quickly. Soon, Raj was being recognized as on the most innovative traders at CME.

In order to strengthen his knowledge of the global financial markets, Raj Fernando opened his own firm, Chopper Trading. Initially, Chopper Trading focused itself in designing viable financial strategies for high-profile clients. However, realizing that his clients were as interested in risk management as capital gains, Raj overhauled his firm to work on developing risk management systems. The integration of risk management systems and advanced financial trading tools made Chopper Trading one of the most influential participants in global markets. Currently, Chopper Trading employs nearly 250 highly-skilled engineers and traders, who served clients from around the globe.

As the CEO and founder of Chopper Trading, Raj continues to address cyber security issues at various government and private institutions. His focus on building systems for cyber security and risk management proved instrumental in maintaining the strict security codes of various security agencies in the country. As a result, he was asked to advise the committee of American Security Project. His contribution to the project is evident from the fact that Raj is hailed as instrumental to security of the United States by the CEO of American Security Project, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney.

In fact, he is also one of the most active contributors to the political campaigns of Democratic Party. According to various experts, Raj was one of the major contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Presidency. Nowadays, he also focuses on managing Scoutahead.com, which is a new startup that aims to deliver insider information to companies and individuals.

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