Paul Mampilly Teaches Mainstream Readers About Investing In Profits Unlimited

The popular website Release Fact recently published an article called “How Paul Mampilly Created the Fastest Growing Investment Newsletter” where Brain Harris reveals the secrets to Mampilly’s successful newsletter.

The newsletter called Profits Unlimited has recently grown to over 90,000 subscribers after only one year of publication. The newsletter is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. In it, Mampilly provides in-depth and detailed articles that provide recommendations to both the advanced investor and the beginner. It even works well for more mainstream investors who are just beginning to learn about trading.

Mampilly shows his mainstream readers practical advice. He wanted to provide access to information because he understands that many Americans are simply looking for practical advice to grow their retirement accounts.

By doing so, Mampilly is able to reach an underserved group of investors while gaining a different audience in a highly competitive industry.

The newsletter continues to grow despite the slow demise of other articles. However, Mampilly is known for doing well when the market isn’t. During the financial crisis in 2008, he gained the award for a competition held by Templeton Foundation. In the competition, he built a portfolio with a 75% gain from $50 million to $88 million.

The investor guru wanted to provide for the average investor. He seeks to educate them with financial advice that they can apply to their own portfolio immediately. He believes the high growth of the newsletter is due to the reader centric tone as well as how it is marketed to Americans who have little experience investing. Yet, it can also apply to more experienced investors who are looking for high growth in their portfolio.

Subscribers to the newsletter have access to a model portfolio created by Mampilly that shows a selection of stocks he intends to purchase. In each issue of the newsletter, he focuses on one company on that list while also providing insight into the markets that are growing quickly.

Mampilly began his career on Wall Street in 1991 with Bankers trust. With over 25 years of investing experience, he has worked for the heavy hitters of the industry like Deustche Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland. He also worked for Kinetics Asset Management where he directed the fund from $6 billion to $25 billion. Because of that success, he won Barron’s prestigious award of the World’s Best.

He retired from Wall Street and moved into publishing the newsletter to spend more time with his family.

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