Whitney Wolfe Establishes Bumble To Connect People Online

Whitney Wolfe is a young woman who has braced different online sectors while building businesses. As a young lady, she started her business after graduating college. She is currently making news headlines following her new businesses that connect people online.

At the age of 19, Whitney Wolfe had built a bamboo tote bag business. In 2014, Whitney initiated a different online application called Bumble. This was after creating Tinder. According to performance reports, Bumble initiated approximately 5 million conversations online within the first eight months of being launched.


Bumble was reported to have registered excellent performance three years into the launching date. The application registered approximately 10 billion swipes. This was encountered by 800 million matches per month. The same reports indicated that women took half of the entire population found online. Averagely, most users spent approximately one hour while viewing different profiles online. Being the latest application online, Bumble is set to connect different people from all walks of life. The engine behind its operation is to assist women to connect with various people for friendships. Bumble has approximately 12 million individuals. Most of the users have chosen to settle for the application as a new feature.

Whitney Wolfe’s Profile

Whitney Wolfe hails from America. She is a successful entrepreneur. As the chief executive officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has executed professionalism and talent in conducting business. She is also the co-founder of Tinder, a prominent dating application that has attracted multiple users. Following Wolfe’s commitment to business, she was named one of the thirty most influential women in America following a report by Business Insider. In 2016, Wolfe was named Elle’s woman when it comes to technology. In 2017, Wolfe was named as Forbe’s top 30 under 30.


With the growing trend of delayed marriages in America, best friends have become the best relationships to create as companionships. That is why Whitney Wolfe created the application according to the theguardian.com. She hopes that Bumble will be useful to most women who have relocated to a new geographical area with the challenge of making new friends. Since graduating college, Wolfe has lived in approximately six cities. She understands the challenges that come with loneliness.

Learn more about Whitney Wolfe: http://www.gcreport.com/bumble-bff-whitney-wolfe-want-best-friend/

Advocates for Civil, Human and Migrant Rights

The Advocate for Human Rights is a global organization that has joined with others to fight for human rights. The group has been in existence for more than 30 years. It has been able to create programs that have changed the lives of refugees, immigrants, religious minorities, children, marginalized communities, and women at the local, national and international level.

The group has created and maintained lasting comprehensive and holistic change at all levels of its engagement. The organization was founded in 1983 and solely relies on the support of powerhouse of partners and volunteers who are motivated to strive and make a difference.

The advocate for Human Rights is tasked with investigating and exposing human rights violators as well as representing immigrants and refugees who are seeking asylum. They also train and assist groups that protect human rights, children or engage in public and policy making process.

The mission of The Advocate for Human Right is to implement local, national and international human rights standards to promote civil societies and foresee reinforcement of the rule of law.

Through the involvement of volunteers in their legal research, advocacy, and education, the organization have been able to build broad constituencies within the United States and on various selected global communities. Additionally, the group is also recognized by Charity Navigator and by Guided Star due to its Nonprofit Profile’s Gold Participation Level and high level of commitment to nonprofit transparency.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin involvement in Frontera Fund

Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media is a group co-founded by Lacey and Jim.

It has been very instrumental in raising funds to financially help migrant rights organization spread across Arizona through The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Organization. However, the two co-founders were arrested in the middle of the night. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

The arrest was based on a shameful and outrageous arrest plot by the Maricopa County Sheriff, in an attempt to destroy New Times. The $3.75 million settlement highly motivated their arrest that took place in October 2007.

Additionally, they were also jailed the same time immediately after revealing their existence of the grand jury proceedings that sought notes from various reporters concerning articles exposing Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are among the many individuals across different regions in the United States who want real change and respect for the rights of migrants and human rights in general. They have developed iconic brands that have a strong connection with their community. Their journalism strategies have been emulated by many in this field.

They have raised the bar to a significant level that is giving valuable rewards to their communities. Based on the principle of being agile and adapting methods that will change human rights and needs, The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund will continue supporting groups that advocate for civil, civic participation, freedom of speech, and human and migrant rights throughout Arizona.

This will be aimed at improving the living standard of the community. Their dedication is a clear indication that everyone has a part to play in making human rights principles a reality.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Firm Leads Funding Round of Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health announced that it had raised $14 million in its Series A round last month. The capital that was raised will go to supporting the development of its treatment and diagnosis platform. The platform that the company provides monitors how patients use their smartphones to get measures of brain function. It is able to check for patterns from the way a person interacts with the device.

The goal of Mindstrong is to provide digital biomarkers of cognition and mood. These biomarkers include memory, executive function, and processing speed. Dr. Tom Insei is the co-founder and president of Mindstrong Health. He said that he was excited about the technology that they were developing. Jim Tananbaum stated that the product was able to come up with measures of cognitive function from a patient’s scrolling and typing patterns. He stated that this would help to lay a foundation for coming up with solutions that improve mental health care. He noted that mental health was a global problem and smartphones offered a way for them to come up with a global solution. The funding round was led by ARCH Venture Partners and Foresite Capital. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the founding partner of Foresite Capital Management. Foresite Capital is a V.C firm that invests in innovative healthcare companies. Tananbaum has degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Yale University. He went on to graduate with an MBA and a Medical degree from Harvard University. Jim has a Master’s degree in Information Systems from MIT. He has led investments in several healthcare companies including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals over the course of his career.

Jim was one of the founding partners of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He also worked as a partner at Sierra Ventures when he was starting out as an investor. Tananbaum is credited with establishing the healthcare service investment arm at the private equity firm. Tananbaum was named in Forbes’ Midas List for the third year in a row earlier this year. The list recognizes the best technology investors who are able to make big bets early in tech companies.

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Expanding Art Beyond the Canvas and into Dwelling Spaces

When people think about art, among the things they think about are drawings and paintings on paper, cartoons and even live-action motion pictures. However, art is not limited to that. There are many different forms of art that people take on. One form of art is interior design and renovation. This is the type of artwork that Richard Mishaan Design takes on in New York. They deal with all of the different types of designs that could take a regular home and bring it a new form of life to residents. His renovations are good for business locations as well.

Richard Mishaan Design has put together a lot of work that not only looks amazing, but inspires as well. This is one of the reasons that more people are looking to Richard Mishaan Design for help, examples or just inspiration. One thing that is certain is that not that many people have all that much time to take on the renovations themselves. This is one of the reasons that they hire professionals to do the work. For one thing, if they attempt their own renovations, they are likely to screw it up all by themselves. Fortunately, there are a ton of artistic professionals that have the touch to bring out such renovations.

A lot of these renovations have a lot of unique designs to them. The overall feel of these places bring about a sense of comfort to people. This allows them to relax and enjoy their home. Richard Mishaan Design is willing to bring forth a design to the home that is specific to the resident. Therefore, Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in quite a few magazines and publications for people to check out. They can be amazed at the type of work that has been put into the renovations.



The Splendid Routine of Doe Deere

Doe Deere gets up at 8:30 am as she ensures that she has acquired at least nine hours of rest. She believes that to maintain clear skin, one ought to have enough rest. Since she does not use an alarm to wake her in the morning, she claims to have an excellent in-built clock. When she decides to get up at a certain time, her body automatically wakes up at that time. She loves waking up to have breakfast in her kitchen as she looks through her window to contemplate for the day’s activities.


Doe Deere resides in Los Angeles where the air happens to be quite dry, so she begins her day with a glass of water. She then does some stretches, her favorite being cat or camel which help in relaxing her back. She proceeds to make breakfast, her favorite being grits which is a hot cereal. Some of her other favorites include fruits, yogurt, and juice from fresh oranges which she picks from her orange tree.


Her phone calendar happens to run her life at some point since it is the first thing she checks when she gets up. She also ensures to contact her team before arriving at her office so as to be aware of the day’s happenings. Throughout the day, she constantly checks her emails as she responds to them. However, she prefers to keep her mornings free from digital devices so that she can focus on being creative and to make the most out of the day.


For her makeup routine, she begins to wash her face using a wash known as glossier, and then uses her moisturizer by Murad. She then applies foundation, either by MAC (Studio Fix) or L’Oreal (True Match Foundation) depending on her destination. She hopes to introduce a new foundation to the market as soon as possible. Before filling in her brows, she uses powder to set her makeup, moving to her lips and cheeks. The favorite parts of her makeup procedure are lipstick and blush as colors give life to her face. She then applies lipstick that will bring out the life in her!


The favorite part of her morning is during her makeup session as she gets to spend time with herself and also be free. Her makeup routine takes between quarter an hour, and an hour’s time, depending on the occasion. She takes her showers at night to ensure that her hair is dry in the morning. This way, she can style it using a curler so as to create her shiny signature waves. Her two cats, Chester Battingham and Puffy Fluffles are her two favorite pets. She spends considerable time with them each morning as she constantly reminds them of her love.


She gets to her office at around 12:00noon takes lunch, spends time with her team, and then attends meetings for the rest of the day. She tries to leave work at six pm unless there is much work to be completed.


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Brian Torchin Helps Many People Find Medical Jobs

The medical jobs that Brian Torchin finds when he is helping clients ensures that they have many ways to improve their overall earning potential. Each person who has been a part of the medical search process may come to Brian for help, and they will find that he is an expert in the field.

This article explains how BRian will serve as the advocate that everyone needs when they search for a job. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://www.wellness.com/dir/458034/chiropractor/pa/philadelphia/brian-torchin-dc

#1: Brian Helps With A Blog

Brian Torchin has a nice blog that anyone may read, and the blog will ensure that each person who wishes to learn about finding a better medical job will find what they need quickly.

They will learn how to manage their job search in the proper way, and they will find that they may keep their job search narrowed to a few good jobs. There are several different people who wish to use the services of Brian Torchin for help, and they will read his blog for additional information.

#2: HCRC

There are many people who come to Brian Torchin and his company at HCRC. These people will be given a number of different options when they wish to search for a medical job, and they will learn quickly how to manage their search given their credentials.

The person who has unique credentials will find it easy to manage their search with a better resume, and they will be taught by Brian Torchin how to conduct an interview. Each step tha tBrian takes brings his clients closer to a better job placement.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin is capable of managing a number clients who are searching for better medical jobs, and Brian will help them find what they need. The search is simplified for their benefit, and the person who wishes to interview may ask for a placement from Brian’s office.

Why Contacting a Help Desk Representative of UKV PLC is Recommended For Anyone Who is Wanting To Buy a High Quality Product of Wine

     UKV PLC is a wine manufacturing company that’s taking several steps to have assurance of knowing that they’re doing everything within their means to provide their particular consumer base with a reliable product that they can truly enjoy.

What separates many of today’s good wine products from one’s that aren’t necessarily considered to be too good are the manufacturing processes they undergo. A good quality of wine is one that is going to undergo a vast array of mixing processes in the fermentation stage. The fermentation stage of a wine product’s manufacturing process consists of having the fruits’ sugars converted into alcohol in the content amounts that have been meant to be in the final results of the product. If any wine product in particular doesn’t undergo a full process of fermentation, it’s highly likely the final result will be less than optimal. The wine connoisseur may end up feeling ill after consuming the product. They may even find themselves not enjoying the product due to not being able to taste much of the fruit(s) that have been contained in it. If the entire fermentation process hasn’t been conducted, it’s absolutely possible that the wine product is going to offer the connoisseur with a product that doesn’t have as much alcohol content within it as the label states. This is why it’s recommended for a purchase of any particular product of wine to ensure that they conduct an adequate amount of researching on the different types of wine products that are currently available for sale in the market, as they do not want to end up regretting the choice of purchase they end up making.

UKV PLC is a company that is constantly striving to do their best in offering their customer base with products that are truly of high quality. Speaking to a representative of the customer service desk is going to be an option that you may want to consider if you’re looking to potentially buy what they’re offering.

If you wish to learn more, please go to https://vimeo.com/ukvintners.

Anthony Petrello’s Journey to Professional Excellence

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries Limited. Tony served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company from 1991 to 2011. Tony has gained a lot of experience in his profession hence making him highly competent, knowledgeable and innovative. He has worked as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the company since June 2012. Tony Petrello has managed to provide strategic directions and planning that enable Nabor industries to prosper and adapt to the highly competitive environment. Through his leadership, the company has adopted various technologies and read full article.


It is worth noting that since 1979 to 1991, Tony worked with Baker and McKenzie. From 1986 through 1991, Tony was the Managing Partner of the Company’s office located in New York. Tony has also served as the Director of Stewart and Stevenson since February 2011. Among his other significant achievements in his career include serving as the director of MediaOnDemand.com and Texas Children’s Hospital. His extensive experience holding the position of a director and chairman in various organizations has enabled him to gain extensive knowledge in the management of big organizations.


Anthony Petrello graduated from Havard School of Law with a J.D degree. He also graduated from Yale University with a master’s in Mathematics. In his previous work experiences, he focused on general corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. Through Tony’s leadership, he enabled Nabors to provide innovative technologies, performance tools, and drilling services to the most significant gas and oil markets across the world. Tony acquires skilled employees who are trendsetters in the industry. He has also helped Nabor Company to transform the drilling industry and attain operational excellence by setting new standards.


In 2013, Petrello made $68.3 million which included a payment of $60 million came from contract renegotiation. In 2012, the annual compensation was 246% as reported by Equilar. In 2014, Nabors changed its compensation practices and corporate governance. The changes implemented meant splitting of the functions of the CEO and chairman thus reducing the payment given to the CEO. The money held back was to be distributed among shareholders. As a result, Petrello did not top in 2014 as the top the best-paid-boss and Tony on Facebook.

More visit: https://twitter.com/tony_petrello

Benefits of Joining the Traveling Vineyard

The main benefit to joining the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide is the fact that you can make as much money as you want with two options. It isn’t all about the just selling and getting people to buy from you. This is a business that allows for you to make money by having others sell for you. If you have a certain amount making a good amount of sales, you earn a percentage of every sale, so you can have two really great sources to making money with the Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard opens up the door to genuine financial freedom.

The other benefit is that you could use this as a source to make money only when you actually want to and have plans to do so. The truth is that the Traveling Vineyard doesn’t require you to work. You can sell when you want to and have actual wine tasting events when you decide to do them. There is no need to do them at all if you can make sales outside of them. There are people who will make sales by talking to other people at stores, family parties and get togethers, special occasions, and other forms of events where new people can be met. The truth is that wine can be sold to any adult who loves to drink and unwind when the night is over. Selling wine is not that difficult once you know the root foundation for what works and how to sell them.

And lastly, the best part about the Traveling Vineyard is that they actually help you make money. They don’t just want you to join and see you daily, because they know that when you succeed so do they. They provide great training tools, resources, and incredible programs to help get you prepared and making all of that money. They have some of the best people to help with support to get you going, and the brand loves seeing guides succeed.

See http://www.blogwinecellar.com/2010/05/traveling-vineyard-going-out-of.html.

Is Amazon Afraid of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics?

By all indications, Amazon has such a big piece of the online clothing market that it doesn’t worry about much. Commanding 20% of the sales in this competitive niche is serious business, and over the years Amazon has seen companies come and go without doing real damage to their bottom line. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been chipping away at the giant, and sales topping $250 million over the last three years is an indication her company may be putting Amazon to the test this year.


To hear it from Hudson, she will tell you that the secret to the ultimate success of Fabletics is all about the company membership process and reverse showrooming. Looking at it from the perspective of the consumer, here is why Hudson says her athleisure brand is beginning to command a bigger market share in this e-commerce fashion space. The consumer goes to one of the many Fabletics retail outlets in a mall, then signs up for the free membership and takes the Lifestyle Quiz. Now the consumer is free to browse or try on anything they like. Most women simply try on the workout apparel and active-wear without buying, so how can Hudson see this as beneficial?


That is the secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, buyers can window shop with zero pressure from sales associates.


Later that day, week, or month, when the women have time to go to the Fabletics website, they discover all the items they tried on are now in the account ready for consideration. Unlike shopping at Amazon, these women know which items flatter their body and which styles will look great because they have already tried most of the items on. Now they shop at their convenience, with no pressure, and browse a huge assortment of high-quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices with free shipping.


As a member of Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics, you enjoy all the benefits described and you get a personal shopper who uses your quiz answers and shopping preferences to select a new item each month for you to consider. As a shopper, you buy the item, cancel the selection, or simply shop for something else, the consumer has all the power and nothing ever shops without the full permission of the buyer. Amazon may be rethinking their stance on not worrying about the competition because it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to make a real name in this space for many years to come.