Benefits of Joining the Traveling Vineyard

The main benefit to joining the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide is the fact that you can make as much money as you want with two options. It isn’t all about the just selling and getting people to buy from you. This is a business that allows for you to make money by having others sell for you. If you have a certain amount making a good amount of sales, you earn a percentage of every sale, so you can have two really great sources to making money with the Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard opens up the door to genuine financial freedom.

The other benefit is that you could use this as a source to make money only when you actually want to and have plans to do so. The truth is that the Traveling Vineyard doesn’t require you to work. You can sell when you want to and have actual wine tasting events when you decide to do them. There is no need to do them at all if you can make sales outside of them. There are people who will make sales by talking to other people at stores, family parties and get togethers, special occasions, and other forms of events where new people can be met. The truth is that wine can be sold to any adult who loves to drink and unwind when the night is over. Selling wine is not that difficult once you know the root foundation for what works and how to sell them.

And lastly, the best part about the Traveling Vineyard is that they actually help you make money. They don’t just want you to join and see you daily, because they know that when you succeed so do they. They provide great training tools, resources, and incredible programs to help get you prepared and making all of that money. They have some of the best people to help with support to get you going, and the brand loves seeing guides succeed.


Is Amazon Afraid of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics?

By all indications, Amazon has such a big piece of the online clothing market that it doesn’t worry about much. Commanding 20% of the sales in this competitive niche is serious business, and over the years Amazon has seen companies come and go without doing real damage to their bottom line. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been chipping away at the giant, and sales topping $250 million over the last three years is an indication her company may be putting Amazon to the test this year.


To hear it from Hudson, she will tell you that the secret to the ultimate success of Fabletics is all about the company membership process and reverse showrooming. Looking at it from the perspective of the consumer, here is why Hudson says her athleisure brand is beginning to command a bigger market share in this e-commerce fashion space. The consumer goes to one of the many Fabletics retail outlets in a mall, then signs up for the free membership and takes the Lifestyle Quiz. Now the consumer is free to browse or try on anything they like. Most women simply try on the workout apparel and active-wear without buying, so how can Hudson see this as beneficial?


That is the secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, buyers can window shop with zero pressure from sales associates.


Later that day, week, or month, when the women have time to go to the Fabletics website, they discover all the items they tried on are now in the account ready for consideration. Unlike shopping at Amazon, these women know which items flatter their body and which styles will look great because they have already tried most of the items on. Now they shop at their convenience, with no pressure, and browse a huge assortment of high-quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices with free shipping.


As a member of Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics, you enjoy all the benefits described and you get a personal shopper who uses your quiz answers and shopping preferences to select a new item each month for you to consider. As a shopper, you buy the item, cancel the selection, or simply shop for something else, the consumer has all the power and nothing ever shops without the full permission of the buyer. Amazon may be rethinking their stance on not worrying about the competition because it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to make a real name in this space for many years to come.

Todd Lubar’s Key Lessons

Todd Lubar’s career in finance real estate is an amazing story. Lubar’s interest in finance and real estate stems from his passion for helping others. He’s one of the top-ranked mortgage originators in the country.

His career started at Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator. His financial interests led him to conservative mortgage banking. After learning all he could, he moved on to earn more lending capabilities. Soon, he loaned to outside lending investors and as a direct mortgage bank.

After founding his own company, Legendary Properties, Mr. Todd Lubar discovered an underserved market. Many of his former clients were financially stable individuals and companies who had no problem acquiring needed loans. Todd Lubar wanted to help all those who had trouble acquiring much-needed loans. His initial response was Legendary Financial; his current company is TDL Global Ventures.

The sole purpose of TDL is helping common people fulfill their homeownership dreams. He uses TDL to eliminate or weaken common barriers many people face when trying to get a loan. Ultimately, Lubar ended up creating his own product and program: RELIEF.

Like all entrepreneurs, Lubar made many mistakes early in his career. Firstly, he’d go back and re-evaluate the people in his inner circle. The best friends challenge and promote growth. Secondly, he learned the importance of repetitive and mundane tasks. Small moments of hard work lead to bigger success. And lastly, he never let failure keep him down.

Lubar also believes in fostering and open, trusting, and honest communication culture. Business work much better when everyone is on the same page. Rather than submit to failure, the entire company addresses the issues and comes back from failure. Additionally, team members put in more effort when they feel their voice carries weight with the boss.

The true key Todd Lubar’s success is his hyperactive organizational skills. He uses his love for the business to fuel his business agenda. He’s constantly got his eye on every aspect of his companies. He makes it a personal mission to make every decision an informed decision.

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Cassio Audi And His Music

The music that Cassio Audi makes is something that he needs for his soul. He is creating many beautiful songs that he learned long ago, and he is adding to the world through his voice. This article explains how Cassio has become a major player in the business world only to remain focused on music. Someone who wishes to have more than one passion may look at what Cassio is capable of.

#1: Cassio’s Music Career

Cassio’s music career goes back many years, and it is a career that has spanned many decades. He made music long ago before he got into the business world, and he continues to make music today because it is an outlet for him. The music he makes is not his career, but it is something that fills his heart with joy when he begins a new song.

#2: Why Is The Music Important?

The music that is made by Cassio and friends is something that is shared with he people of the country often, and it shines a new light on what Cassio does. He has a creative side that is helpful in business, and there are many people who work with him in business because they love his music. The shows that Cassio plays are lovely experiences for all, and the songs he creates may be found online through a number of different services.

The career of Cassio Audi starts with music from long ago, and there are many people who will enjoy listening to his music because they have not heard this part of him before. There are many different people who will discover his music for the first time after working with him in the business community, and they will be impressed to hear the voice and instruments that he uses in every recording.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime Can Heal The World

There’s a new force to be reckoned with in the cosmetics industry. Her name is Doe Deere and her Lime Crime cosmetics line is turning the industry on its ear. Doe Deere has made the old goal of using makeup to blend in obsolete. Women wear the brightly colored Lime Crime makeup to stand out and express their unique style and individuality. It’s a new day in the cosmetics industry. Doe Deere has introduced a rainbow of neon bright colors that are giving women the tools and the confidence to display the colorful, happy unicorn living deep inside that has long wanted to be free.


Doe Deere has been a trailblazer ever since she was a child. She loved using makeup in new and innovative ways. As a school girl in Russia, she introduced colorful, temporary tattoos to her staid classmates and taught them it was cool to wear them. She’s done the same thing with Lime Crime cosmetics. The makeup line gives people permission to bare their colorful souls, be themselves and have fun. Traditional cosmetics companies promote bland colors designed to help people smother their individuality and blend in. Lime Crime encourages people to be their brightly colored unique selves.


Suppressing ones inner free-spirted self leads to stress, illness and dysfunction. Lime Crime helps to heal people’s spirit and give them back their joy through colorful, creative self-expression. There’s a joyous child in everyone seeking expression. Doe Deere encourages people to let that happy child out and make the world a more joyous, stress-free place through the use of Lime Crime. It costs a lot less and is a lot more fun that laying on a psychiatrist’s couch and lamenting the loss of freedom and creativity. With Lime Crime a dab or swipe of neon bright makeup and a smile can kick-start the healing process.


Scientists have long known bright colors make people happier. Doe Deere is simply helping people to be happier with the super bright colors in the Lime Crime line. This world needs more joy to counteract the tensions making people sick. Doe Deere offers an easy to use antidote. Add some color to your life and brighten up the world with your makeup and your smile. The explosion of color in the Lime Crime line can help. Make the world a better place. Use Lime Crime cosmetics and share it with friends and strangers.


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Does WEN Really Work?

You’ve probably seen Amazon ads for WEN Cleansing Conditioner, but have you ever wanted to try it for yourself? One reporter at Bustle decided to give the much buzzed about product a go. She is a self-proclaimed “hair care fanatic” with fine hair who tested WEN for a week.

Though she was afraid of the large amount of WEN recommended at first, the reporter noticed a change in her hair after just one use. Her normally thin hair felt thicker and stronger with fewer strands falling out in the shower. She also noticed it looked shiny and bouncy right away. The next morning, the writer noticed her hair was already feeling and looking greasier than usual, but her hair immediately bounced back to its soft and voluminous texture upon cleansing with WEN again. She felt more confident with the hair WEN gave her and her friends on Facebook even complimented her new look. She finishes by saying that WEN’s moisturizing qualities require you to use the product every day for best results but that the effort is worth the bounce and shine.

WEN by Chaz Dean is a unique line of hair care products designed for all hair types. Unlike traditional shampoo, which uses lather to strip hair of its natural oils, WEN uses a combination of natural extracts to make hair soft, shiny, and voluminous. It takes the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler in just one product, saving you tons of time and money.

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Transforming People Lives with Doug Levitt at Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt started as a communicator in London before he founded Greyhound Diaries. Furthermore he used to be aired on London, Bosnia and Iran for media firms including CNN, ABC and NBC. He as well does music and songwriting. Doug Levitt got a Fulbright Scholarship because of the great effort he had put through. He went to London School of Economics whereby he attained a degree in nationalism and also attained a master’s degree in Ethnic. His passion for helping people started when he was at a tender age hence enabling him in accomplishing more.

The Greyhound Diaries began with the main aim of helping people through music by inspiring them. Mostly the messages were conveyed to individuals who are having a stressful life. The Greyhound Diaries also uses their buses to pass their inspiring messages to the people through the music which is played in the buses. The most accomplishment they have made is traveling 120,000 kilometers and more than 10 years hence passing inspiring messages to the people. Also images and stories are used also to pass messages and as well displaying the problems people face in life.

Greyhound Diaries also joined with WPA-era whereby the organization assists in displaying and passing messages. WPA-era as a network company uses its networks to display the image of the United States of America through using Greyhound Diaries. The association of the two organizations more people are able to be reached all over the world. Woody Guthrie Center, colleges and Southern Law Center are some of the places where the projects are being displayed. Greyhound also spread its project in various TV stations and magazines to be displayed such as Reuters, Fox News and CNN and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

These media stations display motivation stories that inspire people and transform their lives by showing them on how to solve their problems they are facing in life. Photo exhibits and web series are some of other channels where the stories are shown. Greyhound Diaries ensures they are able to stop the conflict in the community because it is the main challenge today. Doug Levitt is happy to transform many people lives in the community and more information click here.

Madison Street Capital Announced as Finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment banking company. The M&A Advisor has also announced that this company is one of the final members of the 15th Annual Awards for the Mergers and Acquisition category. These are widely respected awards. Moreover, they form an achievement pinnacle in this industry. The members chosen to participate in the awards are recognized for their excellence in restructuring, deal-making, and financing. Madison Street Capital also celebrates the achievements and contributions of leading professionals and firms in this industry. As a matter of fact, Madison Street Capital has most of the leading professionals to be awarded during this particular event.


For the Boutique Investment Banking Firm, Madison Street Capital is also one of the prominent nominees. It has been nominated to participate in the industrial and international deals of the year. This award recognized the company as a dominant force for facilitating the acquisition of Asociados and Acuna S.A. by Dowco. Karl D’Cuna, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, was the leader of this world-class transaction.


Madison Street Capital is also announcing their pleasure taken to assist in this operation. According to the company, the Asociados and Acuna S.A. by Dowco was one of the largest operations in the history of their work portfolio. Dowco has been Madison Street Capital’s long-term client. For this reason, they also take the pleasure in assisting them in this transaction. Madison Street Capital deal-makers work tirelessly to have them achieve the dreams of their lives. Madison Street Capital is also honored to become one of the Boutique Investment Banks of the year award. Madison Street Capital always struggles to have their efforts felt across the world economy. The company group of professionals works to achieve better results through their deals with clients with the emerging and growing businesses that suit their unidentified needs for success and growth.


The Asociados & Acuna S.A. Acquisition by Dowco is one of the most complex cross-border transactions made by the company. For that massive achievement, Madison Street Capital feels great for the recognition. The award winners will also be announced during the event taking place at the M$A Advisor Awards.


Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the most sophisticated investment banking company committed to leadership, integrity, service, and excellence in delivering financial opinions, financial advisory services for corporate development companies, valuation services, and expert mergers and acquisition services to the privately and publicly held companies.


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Philanthropic Life of Betsy Devos and Family

After the election of Donald Trump, Betsy Devos got appointed as the 11th secretary of education. In over three decades, she has involved herself in matters regarding the school system. She advocates for children and parents and in particular, for the needy children. Additionally, she champions to have reforms that contribute to the access of quality education. Devos interaction with the children and parents in the public schools of Michigan changed her perspective towards education. It is evident that her current position provides her with the power to effect change in the system. The location and family incomes should never be the determinant of the choice of school children attends. In her present position, she gets the ability to champion for the return of control to the states. This way, parents will have greater power in choosing the education setup in which their children should learn. Therefore, the parents’ inputs will directly affect the output of the children. She is a mother of four and graduated from the Calvin College with a degree in Arts.

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Devos family philanthropy work is extensive. It goes back decades. The family has donated millions of dollars to human rights groups, nonprofit organizations, and leadership institutes. Their charitable deeds have crossed the borders both locally and internationally. They have extensively donated for political purposes in the country. In Michigan, they have given over $ 44 million for political purposes alone. Betsy Devos own philanthropic activities have involved partnering with her husband, Dick Devos. Together they formed the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The institution is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they live. Through the foundation, the couple funds and champions for school choice in Michigan. Dick and Betsy Foundation advocates for the provision of quality education to all children. Betsy Devos supports two private Christian schools. She provides funding to the Education Freedom Forum, an institution that provides Scholarships for needy children. Additionally, the foundation supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy. In a broader sense, Betsy Devos charitable activities revolve around donation towards the improvement of education.

There are other several recipients of donations from the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. They continue to show support for the American Federation for Children. Their philanthropy extends to the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Additionally, she chairs the board at AFC. The institution is affiliated with Alliance for School Choice. It is also allied with ALEC and several organizations advocating for school choice. However, Betsy Family Foundation is not limited to making donations to schools. They have donated to health care and art facilities in the nation. She supports Art Prize and pediatric oncology at Helen Devos Children Hospital. She also holds several positions at local and international charitable organizations. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Samuel Strauch Provides High Quality Training In Real Estate

Have you been reading about real estate and how to get started in the industry? Maybe you have been to real estate investing seminars and you’re still not sure where to begin.

If you are searching for help in investing in Miami, Florida or other area, the best professional to contact is Samuel Strauch.

Investing in the property market has created vast fortunes for many business people. Real estate investing is a lucrative venture and offers a great opportunity to create assets that appreciate in value.

As a real estate investment professional, you will buy low-priced properties and rent or sell them for a profit. To be successful in this field, it is essential to have detailed planning and perseverance.

Courses and researching the real estate field will help in understanding what works and how fortunes are being made. It is advisable to learn from a professional who has been in the industry for many years and is passionate about providing quality advice or coaching to others who want to get started.

It is also important to keep in mind that as you take your journey toward financial freedom, you will probably encounter obstacles or discouraging situations. Remind yourself that you will be rewarded for your hard work. Think positive and keep moving toward your goal.

Samuel Strauch has rendered excellent guidance and advice to both beginners and experienced investors. Samuel Strauch is well known in the real estate community and is well respected due to his attention to details and superior service.

By using his experience and extensive knowledge of the real estate business, he is able to guide buyers and sellers throughout the transaction. Through Samuel Strauch’s strong communication and negotiation skills, he helps people reach their optimum goal.

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