Nationwide Title Clearing Celebrates 25 Years Of Offering Their Innovative Services To The Public

Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is the leading and most trusted post-closing services provider for some of the largest financial institutions in the nation. The company was established in 1991 as California Title Clearing, Inc. It was rebranded to its current name within a year after it had already attracted a huge client base across the nation. In 2002, they moved their headquarters to Palm Harbor, Florida. Recently, the company announced that they would be celebrating 25 years of rendering services in the mortgage lending industry. John Hillman, the CEO of NTC posited that being able to operate as a going concern for all these years was a testament that the company had succeeded in adding real value to their customers.


In the past quarter of the century, the company has recruited many employees who have provided clients with innovative services. John added that he always looks for opportunities that enhance their employees’ abilities and knowledge. The entity looks forward to deliver more innovative services in the next 25 years. In a short retrospective, Hillman published on the company’s blog listing their milestones in the last 25 years. He said that they embrace their founders’ core beliefs and values that profit is only a reward not a goal. He asserted that they have been spending time in caring for their team members who deliver outstanding solutions to their clients’ problems.


Some of the milestones that NTC has achieved include adding lien release research, document retrieval services and title policy in 1994, establishing attorney network to resolve state-specific concerns on the unlicensed practice of law in 2006. In addition, the company implemented extensive and enhanced compliance and training programs in 2009. In 2011, NTC developed and launched the delivery of AVR- Assignment Verification Report service under the PerfectChain suite of services, which was immediately adopted in the industry. In 2013 and 2015, they added file audit and remediation services, and achieved an E-recording rate of more than 70 percent nationwide respectively.


About Nationwide Title Clearing

The company strives to deliver the highest level of accuracy in research and document processing services. NTC has an exceptional team that has an extensive expertise in tracking and fulfilling all county regulations in more than 3600 recording jurisdictions nationwide. Due to their outstanding services, the company has earned the title of being the largest provider of assignments and lien release in the world. They have been named as Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace for 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2016.


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  1. Though it is not in the number of years but about the impact that has been made in the number of years that you have been around as an establishment. However superior essay shows that they are not found wanting in the creation of positive impacts in the community and that is such a good move on their part. The company has often delivered when needed and that has increased the level of confidence that their clients have in them.

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