Meet James Dondero the investment manager giving to improve the North Texas community

James Dondero is the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim as most people call him has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets that focus on distressed and high yield investing. James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia from McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Finance and Accounting. He has received several certifications as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Before he went to Highlands Investments, Jim worked as the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He grew the business from a mere startup to up to $2 billion within a period of five years. Mr. Dondero had also served at American Express where he managed $1 billion worth of fixed income funds. James is a philanthropic giver who believes in giving back to the community. This is the spirit that led him to form the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. which focuses on helping the community. He is also a long-term supporter of healthcare initiatives and education in the Dallas community.

Recently James Dondero who is one of the most experienced and large investment managers partnered with Mary Jalonick who is the CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation together with her team of donor service and philanthropic experts in giving. Jim was looking for a partner to help them manage their annual charitable budget which had grown to more than $3million. This was when Jim and Mary met and together, they decided to form a foundation that will be helping the community. They selected The Dallas Foundation which is an organization that had a proven record of achievements in the nonprofit community, and it was also deeply engulfed in helping the North Texas community. Jim also hired Linda Owen recently who is the former president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda focuses on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc which is the supporting organization that was formed when Mary and Jim met. They together evaluate several strategies which they would use to build a charitable giving framework that would be bold, aspirational and effective. Jim has a philanthropic strategy that employs multi years grant as part of his giving.


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