John Goullet Uses His Talents in the IT Staffing Arena

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has helped develop a number of highly successful ventures in the IT arena. He began his career as and IT consultant, later getting into the IT staffing area. He understood the changing trends in IT and was able to use this expertise in the staffing area. John Goullet started Info Technologies, which focused on staffing for Fortune 500 companies around the United States. The company grew to a $30 million company, and in 2010 was named one of the 500 fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine. The company was merged into Diversant to for Diversant LLC. John serves as principal of the company.

Diversant is expecting to make major news in 2017. John is an experienced IT consultant. He serves as Chairman and CEO of Info Technologies. His efforts at Diversant have helped them become one of the country’s major IT staffing companies. Diversant offers IT staff augmentation, innovative working solutions and direct hiring. The company helps business find the right IT talent for their specific needs. They source and vet candidates for hire.

John is an entrepreneur with a lot of success. He knows how to build a company from scratch. He has a diverse knowledge of the IT market. He started his career with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Ursinus College. After graduating John worked for 10 years for a number of technology companies to get experience in the industry.

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  1. Then in 1994 he decided to start Info Technologies. He was owner and CEO for the next 15 years. He merged his company with Diversant in 2010. It also make them to help me with my paper and get what they want too from them all.

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