Information About Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is a professional in the area of mathematics. He was born in 1979 and pursue his education in the same field at the University of Illinois where he earned an honor in Ph.D. in 1987. Lacey was working under the close assistance of Walter Philipp in his thesis that was based on probability. The primary area of concern that he has put a lot of effort in is the analysis of harmonic and probability. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

At the University of Louisiana State, he made a debut of his first position of postdoctoral. Together with his friend, Walter Philipp, he managed to proof to many experts the Central limit theorem. This elevated his status as a learned person of mathematics. Additionally, he made of furthering his studies of the bilinear transformation at the Indian University. He had a great passion for solving the existing problems by using mathematical approach. His effort has been seen through the award of the Salem Prize during 1996.

Michael Lacey has been recognized internationally through the enormous research that he has made. His contribution in the same field has been lauded by many across the United States. This has made him prepared to play a critical role in the significant position which includes VIGRE director. He has pushed for the implementation of many ideas.

Some of the projects that he has put in place has made many students be beneficiaries and raise their level of research and studies. He has also organized for different programs that assist the students in the career choice that will prepare them for the industrial jobs.

Lacey has even managed to share his knowledge with varying experts with the intention of making a unity to boost different projects of mathematics that are carried out.

He has served at the post of associate professor in various universities in the United States. Some of them include Georgia Institute of Technology and the University of Louisiana State. Lacey has gained support from the different area due to the commitment that he is dedicating in the arena of mathematics and research.

Michael Lacey has made a massive transformation and assistance through research that he has conducted within the circle of his professional.