How Igor Cornelsen is using his experience to help budding Investors

Igor Cornelsen is without any doubt an investment guru whose interests cut across, stock markets, banking and general investments. For over four decades, Igor worked in the banking industry where he amassed a great wealth of experience and expertise in predicting and investing in money markets.

It is this knowledge that he now uses with his company, Bainbridge Inc., to help investors make long-term reliable business decisions. As a banker, Igor held top positions in leading Brazilian banks. While there, he interacted and worked with several top rich individuals whom he helped invest variably. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

The self-declared lover of golf has contributed his knowledge in several journals and magazines. The stock markets are one of his favorite investment options and he encourages entrepreneurs to understand stocks at length.

He is also an advocate of long-term investments as opposed to short -term ventures, further observing that investors should scatter their money across various sectors.

One of the strategies that Igor has stressed over time is investing strategically in damaged stocks and avoiding damaged companies. In his view, this technique is used in consideration that when stock prices suffer because of corporate problems, there is always a shift in performances. Nonetheless, by carefully scrutinizing companies, investors can point out companies that are bound to fizzle out completely.

It is his keenness in the stock markets that saw him maintain a wide portfolio of investment despite Brazil’s recent slump performance in the stock market

Igor observes that although the Brazilian market is welcoming to new investors, it would be important for new investors to first make contacts with renowned investors. In addition, Igor advises foreigners to explore partnering with Brazilian trader since this would make it easier for them to make inroads. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

The expert investor also advises young people to seek all ways of reducing risks when investing and to start investing at an early age. He notes concerns that many young people below the age of 30 in America do not have retirement plans in place.

Investment can be tricky especially when one has not guided accordingly. With his wealth of experience, Igor Cornelsen is helping people make the right investment choices.