George Soros Fights Against Smears Over His Political Donations

The fallout from the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections continues, but some of the attacks seen in the current elections cycle that saw Donald Trump reach the highest office in the land are similar to those taking place for a number of years. Republican supporting news agencies, particularly Fox News, have been looking for ways to undermine the good works of hedge fund billionaire George Soros for many years; instead of praising the former World War II refugee for his work in bringing democracy to the world he has been attacked on a number of fronts for supporting liberal causes.

2010 saw the most lavish attacks on George Soros to date after he made large donations to the Presidential campaigns of John Kerry in 2004 and then Senator Barrack Obama in 2008. The attacks by Glenn Beck in 2010 had little to no factual evidence to back up the claims of the then Fox news employee; the few grains of truth to be found in these programs were twisted to suit the needs of the broadcaster in creating a view of George Soros among conservatives that created the opinion that the man born in Hungary in 1930 was some form of Democratic puppet master.

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George Soros has lived a life that should be seen as a sign of what can be achieved in the face of the deepest adversity possible. As a child Soros saw his home country invaded by troops from Nazi Germany who were determined to wipe out members of the Jewish faith, such as George Soros, and forced the family to hide their true beliefs from the authorities and local people in a bid to survive. After surviving the Holocaust Soros set out on a journey as a refugee after he was subjected to life in Hungary under Communist rule that took him across Europe before he eventually settled in London and studied economics on The final leg of his refugee journey took George Soros to Wall Street where his hedge funds achieved record breaking results year after year, and allowed him to be reunited with his parents who had fled Hungary after the failed uprising of 1956.

The antisemitism faced by George Soros at the hands of Glenn Beck and other conservatives highlights the role of the founder of the Open Society Foundations in popular uprisings across what was then the Soviet bloc. Detractors of George Soros fail to mention these uprisings took place in Communist and Communist sympathizing countries, and were completed in a bid to bring democracy to people who had no experience of living a free life. The three hours of attacks on George Soros by Glenn Beck in 2010 brought criticism from conservative organizations for their lack of truth and the anti-semetic rhetoric used in these Fox News specials.

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  1. Soros ventured once again from political giving amid the 2012 Presidential decision cycle on venture, however come back with enormous gifts amid the 2016 crusades. It has become increasingly important for to understand what need to happen even if it means getting things out for them too.

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