Eric Pulier: Career Achievements, Philanthropy and Publication

The life of Eric Pulier began in Teaneck, New Jersey. He started programming in elementary school and when in high school, he created a database computer company. After graduating high school, Mr Pulier joined Harvard University for his collegiate career. He studied Literature and Computer Science as well as Visual and Environmental Studies.

Career Achievements

Eric Pulier has accomplished great achievements in his career life, making him one of the revered men in the business world. After graduating with honours, Pulier moved to California to advance his professional objectives. He founded a company known as People Doing Things in California. The establishment was designed with the purpose of addressing critical such as health and education using technology. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency which merged with US Interactive in 1998. Since then, he has founded several other companies, including Akana, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and recently, vAtomic Systems.


Pulier is a well-known philanthropist, and he donates and participates in multiple charity organizations. His goal has been to use technology to solve the problems that are experienced by the poor and ailing. As a young professional, he created an educational computer platform that was designed to help people with Multiple Sclerosis to learn more efficiently.

Pulier executed a Presidential Technology Exhibition famously known as The Bridge to the 21st Century during the inauguration of Clinton. Afterwards, he became involved in the Clinton Initiative which sought to bring low-cost cloud computing. Pulier also donates to XPRIZE Foundation, an organization that creates competitions to promote technological innovation. In addition, he is a board member of an organization for chronically sick children, Painted Turtle.


When Eric Pulier was in Harvard, he was an author and editor for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. In 2005, He co-authored a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA with Hugh Taylor, which describes the critical relationship between business and technology. Moreover, he contributed to the March issue of Forbes Magazine in 2012.

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  1. He is also an honoured top donor for US Doctors for Africa. He is noted for his contribution in bringing technology to the healthcare industry in Africa. There are some students write identical essays that could be used to solve this problem once and for all for them.

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