Endeavors of Mike Baur

With his love and appreciation for education, Mike Baur graced University of Rochester New York and graduated with a bachelor of business administration. He then joined University of Berne for an Executive master’s in business administration where he topped his class.

Mike Baur’s sense of accountability and duty pushed him to work in Swiss Private Banking like Clariden Leu and Sallfort for twenty years. Slowly but surely, Mike made his way up the ranking of the banks. He started off as a commercial apprentice and ended up as an executive board member of the private bank.

At the age of thirty-nine, his real entrepreneurial journey officially started. He participated in a Start Summiteer; this is the most esteemed startup pitching contest in the world. Out of three hundred startups, only thirty get the opportunity to pitch in front of important investors and thousands of audience. Baur emerged the ultimate winner in the contest.

Together with his two partners, they started a Swiss Start up factory which is currently the leading private and independently financed initial stage ICT startup accelerator in the whole of Switzerland. Started in 1992, the company grew rapidly and currently has more than forty-three offices worldwide and employs in excess of two thousand employees.

Mike has a passion for ensuring that youths in Switzerland achieve their potential, he has invested a lot of time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and gives financial and mentorship support to various Swiss Startup businesses. His company is driven by the ambition to create a worldwide company that does not follow the prevailing norm, product or business models. Their core business is a three-month program that offers early-stage startups with servicing, financial, coaching, office space, mentoring and access to investor’s network.

Early this year, his Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI where Baur was named the deputy managing director. He has led his Start up through its accelerator platform with Goldback Group as well as forming a conglomerate with Fintech Fusion.

Mike Baur’s self-made personality is a rare virtue that should be cultivated amongst all youths. He is a natural leader whose passion to push himself to greater heights is well appreciated all over the globe.

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