End Citizens United: A Grassroots Voice For Campaign Finance Reform

The political action committee End Citizens United was founded in March, 2015. Its goal is to push for the reform of the American campaign finance system. The founders of the organization were motivated by the 2010 Supreme Court decision in favor of a concept called Citizens United whereby corporations and billionaires and other rich special interest groups could pour unlimited amounts of untraceable money into the coffers of political candidates. This took the power to determine the outcome of many elections out of the hands of the masses and under the control of the rich.

Funded by small grassroots donors, End Citizens United represents the common man in their battle to continue to have a voice in American electoral politics. The organization is made up of a broad coalition of Americans from all walks of life committed to both bringing transparency to and changing this disastrous new campaign finance system. These grassroots fighters are raising their collective voices in an attempt to bring pressure on lawmakers and force them to take action to prevent the rich from taking complete control of the American political system.

The mission of End Citizens United is to get state ballot measures passed and work to elect champions of campaign finance reform to stop the domination of American politics by Big Money special interest groups. The organization is doing so by organizing their grassroots membership to push their elected officials to make addressing the power the moneyed class has in controlling American politics a national priority. The organization is also raising awareness of how large amounts of ‘dark’, untraceable money has taken political power away from the masses and put it in the hands of the rich.

The Citizens United decision has erased the work done over the last 100 years to reduce corruption in the American political and electoral system. End Citizens United is standing up and offering support for campaign reform minded candidates calling for meaningful change that are being attacked by mega-donors and corporate special interests. End Citizens United represents Democratic, Republican and Independent voters that see undisclosed political spending as becoming a major problem. However, the organization primarily supports Democratic political candidates because Republican congressional leaders largely support Citizens United.

In order to decide which candidates they will support, End Citizens United has candidates fill out a questionnaire stating their position on the issue of campaign financing and Citizens United, among other topics. The grassroots activists are End Citizens United’s greatest strength. The organization has raised over $4 million in the first quarter of 2017. They’re projected to raise $35 million for the 2018 midterm Congressional elections. The average donation is $12. End Citizens United doesn’t accept donations larger than $5,000.