Doe Deere and Her Company: Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the cosmetics company Lime Crime. Born in Russia, she immigrated to the United States and has had several management jobs in the corporate world. This gave her some business experience and also let her know what she didn’t want to be doing for the rest of her life. She had a huge entrepreneurial spirit which led her to start her own cosmetic brand called Lime Crime in 2008.


Doe chose the name Lime Crime  since Lime was her favorite color of makeup and because she wanted her makeup to be so vibrant and original that it might be considered a crime to wear it. She doesn’t apologize for not following the average trends of the masses in wanting makeup to look natural. She wanted to develop a line to suit her own bold and unconventional style that would attract customers with a similar mindset.


One cause that is dear to Doe’s heart is respecting animals. That is why all of her makeup is cruelty-free with no animal testing. She also makes regular donations to a New York City no-kill shelter on a regular basis. Another cause she is actively involved in is teaching the principles of entrepreneurship to budding females who want to start their own businesses. She gives out free advice on her Instagram page and encourages girls everywhere to pursue their passion and work hard. She wants every girl to realize that they don’t have to fit into the mold that society has carved out for them and that they can be themselves and make money at the same time.


The main advice she has for others who want to be in business for themselves is to know your brand and be true to your gut. If you know your brand Doe believes that you will be able to be an authority in your market and attract a loyal following of customers. She also says she would never enter into any business deal that she doesn’t have a good gut feeling about. She has honed her instincts over time and can sense when a deal will be good and also when it might be bad even if it looks good on paper.


Overall, Lime Crime has consistently shown its great ability to rise to the top of the cosmetic industry over the last decade. It has also impacted the lives of young women everywhere as an example of how an extraordinary woman can create an extraordinary makeup line and succeed when others told her she couldn’t.




Self Expression Is Key For Doe Deere

Doe Deere has always taken her own route through life and business after deciding her own ideas for cosmetics could become a successful career in the beauty industry. Deere has always looked at her life and career with a different slant, something she largely relates to her upbringing in Russia and New York; the 2008 launch of her own Lime Crime brand that has proven to be an almost unlimited success came out of her first attempts at creating a career through her sewing skills she developed studying fashion in New York City.

One of the first questions Doe Deere is always asked when she sets out to explain her life and business is where the name Lime Crime came from, and what it means; the answer is a simple one, Doe Deere originally opened an eBay account to sell her own products and needed an account name that eventually became “LimeCrime”. The founder of the cosmetics company now states she believes the name Lime Crime reflects her favorite color and the nature of the products she develops, which are so bold and colorful that she believes they are close to being classed as illegal.

The busy life of the entrepreneur has been the daily career of Deere since the 2008 launch of her cosmetics brand, which was born out of her own starting point of a clothing line. Prior to her successful career as a cosmetics executive, Doe Deere, spent a long period of time forming her clothing brand and singing with a band she started with her husband. The Los Angeles based entrepreneur now states the only regret she has as a business person is her failure to launch the Lime Crime range of cosmetics earlier in her life, and embark upon her recent period of success earlier in her adult life.


Like almost every other entrepreneur Doe Deere works hard to achieve the success she has already won and that she hopes to continue to achieve in the future. A brief rundown of each day sees the Lime Crime founder meet with her Creative Director and Chief Operating Officer to make sure the plans she has set out for the company continue to be achieved. From there Doe Deere can finally look to take part in the daily activities she loves, including time spent by the self taught cosmetics creator in the Lime Crime lab working alongside expert scientists to create the latest ranges of cruelty free cosmetics. Despite the success she has achieved in the last decade Doe Deere continues to feel she must treat her employees in the same way she hopes to be treated in her life by being appreciated for the work they complete in an uplifting fashion.