Edisoft: A Leader in Supply Chain Solutions

At one time supply chain performance was narrowly measured primarily by on time performance. Although this was helpful, it did not give carriers a fully accurate measurement of their performance. Today, the internet, GPS, and other technologies have made an abundance of data available to shippers. Although more data is available, many carriers still haven’t taken advantage of it. The best way to evaluate supply chain performance is to focus on broad areas of your operations to include trading partners. In order to compile accurate measurements, the information from all partners involved must be accurate.


Edisoft was founded in 1995. The company had a goal of improving trade and communication between small and medium businesses and their partners. The company also wanted to become the leader in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). To achieve this goal, Edisoft assembled a worldwide group of experts in EDI and software design. At the end of the grueling research and development phase, the company unveiled a full line of EDI products that would easily integrate with common accounting systems.


The company is anticipating rapid growth and is looking for employees in Sales, Marketing, and Technical Support. They offer a robust benefits package to include: Health Benefits, training bursaries, annual bonuses and free membership to their state of the art fitness facility (http://www.edisoft.com/frequently-asked-questions-edisoft-edi.php).


For companies that can’t afford to pay for their products in full upfront, Edisoft offers financing with fixed monthly payments to fit the budget of most companies. They have onsite financial professionals that will work with your company to get the best terms and contract options to meet your company’s needs. Some of the benefits of financing include tax advantages, full financing, payment convenience and preservation of credit lines.


Edisoft offers full support to its customers for all of its products via their website support request form or by telephone. They are dedicated to solving all issues in a timely manner.