Samuel Strauch Offers Insight On Real Estate And Investment

Real estate is one business that keeps flourishing across the world. With the human population always rising, this business is bound to expand as years come by. That is why most investors run to this industry with the hope of earning a living. Just like any other business, real estate comes with its challenges.

In Florida, the business has been booming thanks to the input of some of the world’s best minds in real estate like Samuel Strauch. In his interview with IdeaMensch, he explains the root of his passion for the business. Strauch is a role model to many who look forward to investing in real estate.


When looking at real estate in Florida, Samuel Strauch has vastly had a positive impact on the business. His passion for the business is owed to his family, a team of committed members who have ventured in real estate. Samuel Strauch has extensive experience in this field thank to his risk-taking nature. A credible business man, Strauch is successful in many ways. Most clients in South Florida depend on him to secure property. His career began immediately after college. He delved into banking where he learned the ropes of handling finances. Being that a bank has many channels of lending credit for different uses, Strauch understood people’s needs when it came to acquiring loans. His interests were especially on mortgage loans.


Samuel Strauch attended the prestigious Hofstra University. He also went to Harvard School. As a student, Strauch grasped basic details in management and finance. He was focused on banking because he thought that his career would highly capitalize on that field. It is after school that he joined his family business at South Florida. He was part of the business until when he was able to stand on his feet and run a company that presently defines him. The owner of Metrik Real Estate boasts of being able to reach out to clients and supply their needs in multiple ways. Samuel Strauch is always positive about educating masses on how to acquire property. At Metrik Real Estate, he is known for his passion for assisting homeowners in the acquisition of homes. He is also a dedicated team player who commits to monitoring his team’s performance. Metrik Real Estate continues to serve clients and the guidance of Strauch. Strauch draws passion from knowing that his clients are self-sufficient in multiple ways. He promotes focus and team building to bind his clients as they pursue their dreams.

Samuel Strauch Provides High Quality Training In Real Estate

Have you been reading about real estate and how to get started in the industry? Maybe you have been to real estate investing seminars and you’re still not sure where to begin.

If you are searching for help in investing in Miami, Florida or other area, the best professional to contact is Samuel Strauch.

Investing in the property market has created vast fortunes for many business people. Real estate investing is a lucrative venture and offers a great opportunity to create assets that appreciate in value.

As a real estate investment professional, you will buy low-priced properties and rent or sell them for a profit. To be successful in this field, it is essential to have detailed planning and perseverance.

Courses and researching the real estate field will help in understanding what works and how fortunes are being made. It is advisable to learn from a professional who has been in the industry for many years and is passionate about providing quality advice or coaching to others who want to get started.

It is also important to keep in mind that as you take your journey toward financial freedom, you will probably encounter obstacles or discouraging situations. Remind yourself that you will be rewarded for your hard work. Think positive and keep moving toward your goal.

Samuel Strauch has rendered excellent guidance and advice to both beginners and experienced investors. Samuel Strauch is well known in the real estate community and is well respected due to his attention to details and superior service.

By using his experience and extensive knowledge of the real estate business, he is able to guide buyers and sellers throughout the transaction. Through Samuel Strauch’s strong communication and negotiation skills, he helps people reach their optimum goal.

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Town Residential Announces the Establishment of a New Bureau

About Town Residential

TOWN Residential has gained a reputation as New York’s leading luxury real estate service firm within the last five years. Town has developed into a prime real estate dealer, and an integral part of the ‘York’ real estate landscape through it’s seamless and best-in-class customer service, executed by an exciting team of Representatives. The company has also created new excellence standards within the industry due to its high principles. The company was founded in 2010 by Andrew Heiberger. Andrew currently serves as the co-chairman and chief executive officer. Town Residential has a multi-cultural team of experts with unique industry experience and knowledge. This expert team has brought the unique culture and winning formula at TOWN Residential. They have been crucial in ranking the company among the ‘Best Firm to Work For’ in New York.

Town opens another agency in the Meatpacking District.

Town Residential aims to launch its tenth agency in the Meatpacking District. Tthe company had developed its eighth and ninth agencies at 530 LaGuardia Place and 33 Irving Place respectively before opening this tenth location. Town Residential has acquired the entire second floor of the three-story building along 446 West 14th Street. The new agency is aimed at easy access to the Hudson residential neighborhoods. The new agency will be Town’s full-service division. It will mainly focus on new high-quality development services.

The new agency will translate the overall company strategies into the Meatpacking District

The new agency is also aimed to give access to newer networks of industry specialists, interior designers, elite amenity providers, and premier architects. The Meat Packing District office will also leverage Town’s traditional client relationships allowing it to tailor its approach to every project. The dynamic team at this new Hudson market will comprise of veteran industry leaders whose cooperative experience, expertise, and knowledge will be unrivaled. The new division will also focus on leasing repositioned or converted multi-family assets. The leasing approach is intended to be both collaborative and comprehensive. Town Residential will present the new division with onsite managers and agents as well as a leading team of experienced brokers possessing unrivaled experience in pre-development. This team of experts will have the expert knowledge to translate the overall company strategies into highly quantifiable action plans and defined goals in the Meatpacking District estate markets. Andrew Heiberger is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He expressed his delight in the new office. He says “We believe it’s the only brokerage with an outdoor space for brokers to work and meet with clients. ”