Fabletics: Leveraging Crowd Power to Become a Leading Brand

Fabletics has grown from a small startup to a household name. Leggings are definitely one of the top trends of the day and Fabletics is at the top of the market. Successful clothing companies know that when it comes to getting a customer to make a purchase decision, leveraging the power of the crowd is the key. By leveraging the power of the crowd, brands are gaining massive market share and also gaining loyal customers that will return again and again. It’s no secret that consumers look to others before they make a purchase decision. In fact, a recent study of consumer trends found that 84% of people will look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. The study also found that a majority of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendation.


The use of leveraging the crowd has definitely contributed to the company’s massive growth. Fabletics now has over one million members that purchase athletic wear from them on a monthly basis. The company has done $250 million in sales and has grown a massive 200% since it was started just a few short years ago.


Fabletics has never been a traditional clothing company. It was founded with the goal of going digital first. Fabletics leverages the power of the online world. While many traditional retail stores look to attract people into their stores, Fabletics delights fans by giving them the power to do all their shopping online. Today’s consumer typically goes to a store to see what they would like to buy before going home and checking online to see if it is available at a lower cost. By giving customers everything they need in one online space, Fabletics has a much lower overhead cost than companies with physical locations. Fabletics has just a handful of stores in a few key cities.


Kate Hudson, actress and fitness enthusiast, is the name and face of Fabletics. She joined the Fabletics team because providing women everywhere with affordable, stylish athletic wear was a passion of hers. She notes that she would never agree to being the face of something she truly didn’t believe in. Also, as an active person herself, she loves the styles provided and wears the products regularly. However, she isn’t just the face of Fabletics. Kate Hudson joined Fabletics with the goal of actively working as part of the team. She checks sales data every week, attends meetings and directs the social media marketing for Fabletics.


Fabletics is also expanding to service more women with trendy athletic wear. The company recently announced a line of athletic wear for plus size women. This line should be rolling out soon. If you aren’t a Fabletics member yet, you can jump over to their website and try the Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz is just a few short questions and at the end it will generate a custom profile for you based off of the quiz’s algorithm. This means that the website will be tailored to your fitness preferences and style!

Fabletics and Kate Hudson’s Diligent Focus On Customer Feedback Maximizes Growth

We always want the best products in the market. This desire to always have the right product, the right service, the right quality, and output may be because we feel we deserve more than we have. There’s nothing wrong with this, though.


Great products come from the incessant desire to push the limits of what innovation can give. This desire is what drives people like the workforce of Fabletics to innovate, initiate programs and restrategize. But what is the strategy of Fabletics? Simple: they leverage the power of customer reviews.


The True Strength of Feedback

Review-centric products are the key to success in this day of powerful social media influence. If you want to stand out, go for the power of the crowd. This unusual desire to be the best is center to the strategy of Fabletics in creating their athleisure attire. It is this desire to always give responsive reactions to customer reviews that form the core of the marketing strategies of Fabletics. People give their feedback to Fabletics and then the company responds by acknowledging the trust granted by the customers.


Of course, people rely on personal recommendations more and word of mouth because charlatans have a hard time cheating the legit opinions of individuals about particular products. But Fabletics is still bright enough to acknowledge and capitalize the potential of customer reviews in creating a product.


This strategy from Fabletics provided such remarkable difference in their growth that without the leverage of customer reviews they practice, they probably wouldn’t be able to reach their $235 million revenue growth from the one million plus members who acquire the products of Fabletics.


The Fabletics ‘ Corporate Marketing Officer Shawn Gold maintains that this increase is such a remarkable indication of how customer reviews augment the performance of their line-up of athleisure apparel. Indeed, he believes that addressing the customer reviews helps increase a brand’s reputation. Without embracing customer reviews, the kind of growth Fabletics experienced would’ve been unimaginable.


According to a HuffPost article, Customers value brands who value them, and with Fabletics’ attention given to bringing back the words of their clients into the production line, it’s now easier for Fabletics to achieve customer acquisition goals, loyalty improvement, and increased customer recurrence flow.


Kate Hudson’s Magic for Fabletics

It also doesn’t hurt that Kate Hudson promotes Fabletics and she’s the current head and partner in Fabletics’ complete growth. With her physical and artistic hands-on involvement, Fabletics now grew into a great, trusted brand today.


There’s a lot of change in Kate Hudson now that she’s part of Fabletics. When she got one of her biggest breakthroughs in Holywood with her famous movie, Almost Famous, she was still concerned about her career in showbiz. Today, all her attention seems to be in developing wonderful review-centric ideas for Fabletics.


In an article from Forbes magazine, the leadership style of Kate Hudson in her involvement for Fabletics indicates that she’s very hands on. She’s always there right before the product gets released and during the process of monitoring how the customers respond to the athleisure products they make.


It is almost fantastic how Kate Hudson doesn’t seem to make a big fuss about her star quality and to let it interrupt in how she manages the company.


That said, why not take our Lifestyle Quiz, so you’ll get to know which athleisure item from Fabletics fits your lifestyle?

Is Amazon Afraid of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics?

By all indications, Amazon has such a big piece of the online clothing market that it doesn’t worry about much. Commanding 20% of the sales in this competitive niche is serious business, and over the years Amazon has seen companies come and go without doing real damage to their bottom line. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been chipping away at the giant, and sales topping $250 million over the last three years is an indication her company may be putting Amazon to the test this year.


To hear it from Hudson, she will tell you that the secret to the ultimate success of Fabletics is all about the company membership process and reverse showrooming. Looking at it from the perspective of the consumer, here is why Hudson says her athleisure brand is beginning to command a bigger market share in this e-commerce fashion space. The consumer goes to one of the many Fabletics retail outlets in a mall, then signs up for the free membership and takes the Lifestyle Quiz. Now the consumer is free to browse or try on anything they like. Most women simply try on the workout apparel and active-wear without buying, so how can Hudson see this as beneficial?


That is the secret to the success of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, buyers can window shop with zero pressure from sales associates.


Later that day, week, or month, when the women have time to go to the Fabletics website, they discover all the items they tried on are now in the account ready for consideration. Unlike shopping at Amazon, these women know which items flatter their body and which styles will look great because they have already tried most of the items on. Now they shop at their convenience, with no pressure, and browse a huge assortment of high-quality merchandise at deeply discounted prices with free shipping.


As a member of Kate Hudson‘s Fabletics, you enjoy all the benefits described and you get a personal shopper who uses your quiz answers and shopping preferences to select a new item each month for you to consider. As a shopper, you buy the item, cancel the selection, or simply shop for something else, the consumer has all the power and nothing ever shops without the full permission of the buyer. Amazon may be rethinking their stance on not worrying about the competition because it appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is about to make a real name in this space for many years to come.