The Wild Adventures of Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson.

Wild Ark Founder Mark “Hutch” Hutchinson is a wild man, quite literally. He h spent a lot of his adult life integrating with the wild and encourage people to reconnect with mother nature. Not only has he created a good business out of it but has also played a big role in encouraging and supporting preservation efforts.


Wild Ark is committed to the preservation of the world’s biodiversity is a key concern being securing of endangered greenbelts around the world.The organization’s model is enhanced by organization trips to the destinations in the world that make efforts towards wild conservation or are generally eco-friendly. Learn more:


The company’s efforts have been reinforced as it leads in research and consultancy on conservancy matters. With a focus on the only eco-friendly destination for travelers, the company continues to encourage global trotters to create awareness of the environment and boost efforts of conserving the gifts of mother nature.


When he graduated from high school, Hutchinson spent a year jackerooing in the Northern Australia. At 19, he explored Africa in its width and breadth by car. His first company Untamed was founded when he was only 22. His adventurous nature is seen in the various foot prints he has left where he has stepped.


As a child, he moved to Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales as his father changed work stations. These childhood encounters make some of his earliest encounters with nature. Holidays spent with friends in farms saw him spend time with bucks and other animals which lifted his appetite for the wild.

Hutch observes that the human race has lost connection with the wild though this connection exists inwardly in man. This is what Wild Ark aims at restoring.

Working with like-minded partners and organizations, Wild Ark has managed to focus on conservation efforts through a set of different lenses. Clearly, it is one thing to conserve the wild through policies, and it is a different thing altogether to take the necessary concrete steps.

As an accomplished businessman, Mark understands the effect this model of doing business can have to the community at large. The holder of an MBA degree is demonstrating how effective passionate ventures can positively transform the society. Learn more: