Doe Deere, her Love for Intensely Colorful Cosmetics, and Lime Crime

Doe Deere was opening a completely new concept of makeups with her Lime Crime when she opened the business in 2008. The famous singer cum songwriter was highly passionate about intense colors and made her own cosmetics to meet her needs since her childhood. Her enormous success in the cosmetic industry is much more than other entrepreneurs as she was creating a distinctive path which people failed to capture the importance of it until that day. The unique aspects of Lime Crime cosmetics make them highly attractive to sizable fans. The cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, boldly colorful, and certified products.



Over the years, Doe Deere expanded the product portfolio of the firm considering the demand from its fans, and now, it offers nail polish, loose pigments, glittery lip gloss, eye-shadow palettes, rainbow-colored liquid liners, criminally coveted lipsticks, and more. While coming to the business idea, Deere was designing her own clothes from her childhood, and she thought of creating her own makeup lines that can complement her dress. Considering her greater affinity to colors, Deere could not find any product in the market that could satisfy her needs, and she decided to produce cosmetics for her needs. Learn more:



She says that she is highly passionate about makeup and fairy tales, and she combined both passions to create an imaginative makeup brand that prompts everyone to use it. Since it launched, the cosmetic line attracted a significant number of people, and the Lime Crime products are available online and in many retail stores across the world. Deere admits that she originally wanted to be a clothing designer, and due to that reason, she graduated from New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion design. Later, she established her line of clothing online in 2004 by collaborating with eBay. During those days, she started using the brand name “Lime Crime” for the first time.



The initial pace in the clothing industry helped her to understand the flow of trends in fashion and convert them efficiently into marketing to expand the business. Though she was highly passionate about the fashion industry, Deere was apprehensive whether it is her right industry. She says that she was experimenting on those days to trace what she really wanted to be in her career. When she conceived the idea of establishing the makeup brand, Deere identified that it is her domain, and she could not look back after the decision.



The people around her were very enthusiastic about the cosmetic products than fashion products, and she realized that she was on the right track. While coming to the marketing of the initial days, Deere started a blog focusing on makeup tutorials and explained how the line of products could help people in a greater way. She also conducted numerous online contests and focused on social media. Deere used creative methods to increase her online presence and consistently improved the fan base of the business. Today, the Instagram page of the brand has more than three million followers, and they make the journey of her brand hassle-free.


Tony Petrello Continues To Give Back To The Community

Even as Hurricane Harvey left streets in Texas flooded and homes demolished, leading Houston businesses took immediate action to lessen the mass devastation.

Under the leadership of its president and chief executive officer, Anthony (Tony) Petrello, employees at Nabors Industries went anywhere and everywhere to answer the call for help along the Gulf Coast. The world’s largest land-based drilling contractor offered its workers paid time off to help in the relief efforts.

Petrello also matched the company’s employee donations, which amounted to $173,622 before his matching gift giving. The fund, known as the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, was used for the proactive relief efforts, according to a story at

Also as part of its recovery efforts, Nabors Industries made use of its on-site kitchen to make three hot meals ready each day for local families.

Hurricane Harvey, which exploded from a tropical depression to a major hurricane on August 25, is reported to have inflicted nearly $200 billion in damage while displacing nearly 30,000 people from their homes.

Nabors Industries reported the hurricane had an effect on roughly 10 percent of its 1,200 employees.

While Nabors Industries is well respected for its contributions to local crises, Petrello is also acknowledged for his charitable events and philanthropic initiatives.

Petrello, who grew up in Newark, New Jersey, graduated from Yale University with a BS and MS degree in mathematics. He also received a law degree from Harvard University.

Before joining Nabors Industries, Petrello practiced law at the Baker & McKenzie law firm for 12 years with a concentration on general corporate law and worldwide arbitration.

He has carried out the duties of president and chief operating officer at Nabors Industries from 1991 to 2011. In 2012, he was named chairman of the board and chairman of the board’s executive committee.

Petrello, who is well known for giving back to the community, is also recognized as an advocate for research and clinical programs for children with neurological disorders. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital.

He donated $7 million to the hospital to work towards helping children with neurological conditions. The donation helped launch the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute, which was the first neurological research center for childhood disorders.

Petrello also actively promotes advancing education. The company’s Nabors Charitable Foundations has delivered more than $3 million in educational scholarships to its employees and their children.

Samuel Strauch Offers Insight On Real Estate And Investment

Real estate is one business that keeps flourishing across the world. With the human population always rising, this business is bound to expand as years come by. That is why most investors run to this industry with the hope of earning a living. Just like any other business, real estate comes with its challenges.

In Florida, the business has been booming thanks to the input of some of the world’s best minds in real estate like Samuel Strauch. In his interview with IdeaMensch, he explains the root of his passion for the business. Strauch is a role model to many who look forward to investing in real estate.


When looking at real estate in Florida, Samuel Strauch has vastly had a positive impact on the business. His passion for the business is owed to his family, a team of committed members who have ventured in real estate. Samuel Strauch has extensive experience in this field thank to his risk-taking nature. A credible business man, Strauch is successful in many ways. Most clients in South Florida depend on him to secure property. His career began immediately after college. He delved into banking where he learned the ropes of handling finances. Being that a bank has many channels of lending credit for different uses, Strauch understood people’s needs when it came to acquiring loans. His interests were especially on mortgage loans.


Samuel Strauch attended the prestigious Hofstra University. He also went to Harvard School. As a student, Strauch grasped basic details in management and finance. He was focused on banking because he thought that his career would highly capitalize on that field. It is after school that he joined his family business at South Florida. He was part of the business until when he was able to stand on his feet and run a company that presently defines him. The owner of Metrik Real Estate boasts of being able to reach out to clients and supply their needs in multiple ways. Samuel Strauch is always positive about educating masses on how to acquire property. At Metrik Real Estate, he is known for his passion for assisting homeowners in the acquisition of homes. He is also a dedicated team player who commits to monitoring his team’s performance. Metrik Real Estate continues to serve clients and the guidance of Strauch. Strauch draws passion from knowing that his clients are self-sufficient in multiple ways. He promotes focus and team building to bind his clients as they pursue their dreams.

Canadian Brew with Eli Gershkovitch

Truth be told the Canadian people love their Beer. Its the most popular drink in Canada with almost 9 billion in sales annually. Domestic Brewers count for 85% of beer consumed in Canada, contrasted with wine and spirits. In 2016 national can sales Rose by just 5.8 percent alone. Its safe to say that the great people of Canada don’t mind spending their hard earned cash on a few cold ones. Which could be a great thing for local breweries.


All of this is part to do with a man named Eli Gershkovitch (MontrealGazette). Gershkovitch is seemingly a busy man being he is a Pilot, a Lawyer and the CEO of Stream works Craft Brewery. In recent competitions, Stream works has been known to be both traditional and innovative. This may have help them to become one of the most popular breweries amongst recent judges they’ve seen.


Streamworks is a well-known craft beer amongst the Canadian people and Eli Gershkovitch is just as popular in some opinions. Gershkovitch is known to be an unconventional business man that is known to have a different approach to life than another fortune 500 CEOs.


Each year dozens of new microbreweries come and shake the industries with innovations that Gershkovitch is known to counter with his own ideas. This has kept Streamworks in such a dominant position amongst competitors not only in marketplaces but competitions as well.


Eli Gershkovitch is also known for an impressive car collection which features classic cars the likes most people can only dream of. Gershkovitch also not only owns 2 of his own planes but can fly them as well. The CEO developed a love for planes at a young age and has seemed to hold on to that same passion over the years.

Gershkovitch seems to have mastered the art of All work and “still” some play over the course of his tenure as CEO. Starting back in 1995, Stream works Brew Pub opened in Gastown with 184 seats and now seats 754. A small example of just what hard work can do and how far Eli Gershkovitch has come in this industry.

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Glen Wakeman And LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman began his career in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he obtained a degree in finance from the University of Scranton. He then obtained a second degree from the University of Chicago. During his college years, many business owners had their eyes on Glen Wakeman. This is because he introduced new ways of promoting businesses and new ways of marketing.

Glen Wakeman took his talents and managed several different organizations. All of these organizations prospered, and many of these organizations are some of the biggest companies in today’s industry. After achieving this success, Glen wanted to help other business owners, particularly new business owners.

Glen Wakeman started LaunchPad Holdings at the end of 2014 (NewsSky). Glen Wakeman hired the best business men and women he could find. Many of these people were connected directly to him. Glen Wakeman and his team put a plan together that would help any business grow in the quickest amount of time.

Many businesses began calling on Glen Wakeman and his team, especially after the economy began to fall apart. Glen took on clients and helped business owners observe their business differently. Glen taught these business owners how to properly market their product or service so customers would flock in. Glen Wakeman and his team also taught business owners how to properly invest their money so they can receive a better outcome sooner and later.

Every business that LaunchPad Holdings has helped is successful today. Moreover, these businesses have left reviews of the LaunchPad Holdings website, and all of these business owners can be contacted today. Many business owners raved about the low costing service Glen Wakeman charges for his services ( Glen Wakeman knows many businesses do not have money, especially the businesses that are failing. This is why Glen makes his prices low, he gives business owners the most for their money, and he allows business owners to pay in installments.

Whitney Wolfe Establishes Bumble To Connect People Online

Whitney Wolfe is a young woman who has braced different online sectors while building businesses. As a young lady, she started her business after graduating college. She is currently making news headlines following her new businesses that connect people online.

At the age of 19, Whitney Wolfe had built a bamboo tote bag business. In 2014, Whitney initiated a different online application called Bumble. This was after creating Tinder. According to performance reports, Bumble initiated approximately 5 million conversations online within the first eight months of being launched.


Bumble was reported to have registered excellent performance three years into the launching date. The application registered approximately 10 billion swipes. This was encountered by 800 million matches per month. The same reports indicated that women took half of the entire population found online. Averagely, most users spent approximately one hour while viewing different profiles online. Being the latest application online, Bumble is set to connect different people from all walks of life. The engine behind its operation is to assist women to connect with various people for friendships. Bumble has approximately 12 million individuals. Most of the users have chosen to settle for the application as a new feature.

Whitney Wolfe’s Profile

Whitney Wolfe hails from America. She is a successful entrepreneur. As the chief executive officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has executed professionalism and talent in conducting business. She is also the co-founder of Tinder, a prominent dating application that has attracted multiple users. Following Wolfe’s commitment to business, she was named one of the thirty most influential women in America following a report by Business Insider. In 2016, Wolfe was named Elle’s woman when it comes to technology. In 2017, Wolfe was named as Forbe’s top 30 under 30.


With the growing trend of delayed marriages in America, best friends have become the best relationships to create as companionships. That is why Whitney Wolfe created the application according to the She hopes that Bumble will be useful to most women who have relocated to a new geographical area with the challenge of making new friends. Since graduating college, Wolfe has lived in approximately six cities. She understands the challenges that come with loneliness.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Firm Leads Funding Round of Mindstrong Health

Mindstrong Health announced that it had raised $14 million in its Series A round last month. The capital that was raised will go to supporting the development of its treatment and diagnosis platform. The platform that the company provides monitors how patients use their smartphones to get measures of brain function. It is able to check for patterns from the way a person interacts with the device.

The goal of Mindstrong is to provide digital biomarkers of cognition and mood. These biomarkers include memory, executive function, and processing speed. Dr. Tom Insei is the co-founder and president of Mindstrong Health. He said that he was excited about the technology that they were developing. Jim Tananbaum stated that the product was able to come up with measures of cognitive function from a patient’s scrolling and typing patterns. He stated that this would help to lay a foundation for coming up with solutions that improve mental health care. He noted that mental health was a global problem and smartphones offered a way for them to come up with a global solution. The funding round was led by ARCH Venture Partners and Foresite Capital. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the founding partner of Foresite Capital Management. Foresite Capital is a V.C firm that invests in innovative healthcare companies. Tananbaum has degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Yale University. He went on to graduate with an MBA and a Medical degree from Harvard University. Jim has a Master’s degree in Information Systems from MIT. He has led investments in several healthcare companies including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, and Amira Pharmaceuticals over the course of his career.

Jim was one of the founding partners of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. He also worked as a partner at Sierra Ventures when he was starting out as an investor. Tananbaum is credited with establishing the healthcare service investment arm at the private equity firm. Tananbaum was named in Forbes’ Midas List for the third year in a row earlier this year. The list recognizes the best technology investors who are able to make big bets early in tech companies.

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Expanding Art Beyond the Canvas and into Dwelling Spaces

When people think about art, among the things they think about are drawings and paintings on paper, cartoons and even live-action motion pictures. However, art is not limited to that. There are many different forms of art that people take on. One form of art is interior design and renovation. This is the type of artwork that Richard Mishaan Design takes on in New York. They deal with all of the different types of designs that could take a regular home and bring it a new form of life to residents. His renovations are good for business locations as well.

Richard Mishaan Design has put together a lot of work that not only looks amazing, but inspires as well. This is one of the reasons that more people are looking to Richard Mishaan Design for help, examples or just inspiration. One thing that is certain is that not that many people have all that much time to take on the renovations themselves. This is one of the reasons that they hire professionals to do the work. For one thing, if they attempt their own renovations, they are likely to screw it up all by themselves. Fortunately, there are a ton of artistic professionals that have the touch to bring out such renovations.

A lot of these renovations have a lot of unique designs to them. The overall feel of these places bring about a sense of comfort to people. This allows them to relax and enjoy their home. Richard Mishaan Design is willing to bring forth a design to the home that is specific to the resident. Therefore, Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in quite a few magazines and publications for people to check out. They can be amazed at the type of work that has been put into the renovations.

Anthony Petrello’s Journey to Professional Excellence

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries Limited. Tony served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company from 1991 to 2011. Tony has gained a lot of experience in his profession hence making him highly competent, knowledgeable and innovative. He has worked as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the company since June 2012. Tony Petrello has managed to provide strategic directions and planning that enable Nabor industries to prosper and adapt to the highly competitive environment. Through his leadership, the company has adopted various technologies and read full article.


It is worth noting that since 1979 to 1991, Tony worked with Baker and McKenzie. From 1986 through 1991, Tony was the Managing Partner of the Company’s office located in New York. Tony has also served as the Director of Stewart and Stevenson since February 2011. Among his other significant achievements in his career include serving as the director of and Texas Children’s Hospital. His extensive experience holding the position of a director and chairman in various organizations has enabled him to gain extensive knowledge in the management of big organizations.


Anthony Petrello graduated from Havard School of Law with a J.D degree. He also graduated from Yale University with a master’s in Mathematics. In his previous work experiences, he focused on general corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. Through Tony’s leadership, he enabled Nabors to provide innovative technologies, performance tools, and drilling services to the most significant gas and oil markets across the world. Tony acquires skilled employees who are trendsetters in the industry. He has also helped Nabor Company to transform the drilling industry and attain operational excellence by setting new standards.


In 2013, Petrello made $68.3 million which included a payment of $60 million came from contract renegotiation. In 2012, the annual compensation was 246% as reported by Equilar. In 2014, Nabors changed its compensation practices and corporate governance. The changes implemented meant splitting of the functions of the CEO and chairman thus reducing the payment given to the CEO. The money held back was to be distributed among shareholders. As a result, Petrello did not top in 2014 as the top the best-paid-boss and Tony on Facebook.

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Todd Lubar’s Key Lessons

Todd Lubar’s career in finance real estate is an amazing story. Lubar’s interest in finance and real estate stems from his passion for helping others. He’s one of the top-ranked mortgage originators in the country.

His career started at Crestar Mortgage as a loan originator. His financial interests led him to conservative mortgage banking. After learning all he could, he moved on to earn more lending capabilities. Soon, he loaned to outside lending investors and as a direct mortgage bank.

After founding his own company, Legendary Properties, Mr. Todd Lubar discovered an underserved market. Many of his former clients were financially stable individuals and companies who had no problem acquiring needed loans. Todd Lubar wanted to help all those who had trouble acquiring much-needed loans. His initial response was Legendary Financial; his current company is TDL Global Ventures.

The sole purpose of TDL is helping common people fulfill their homeownership dreams. He uses TDL to eliminate or weaken common barriers many people face when trying to get a loan. Ultimately, Lubar ended up creating his own product and program: RELIEF.

Like all entrepreneurs, Lubar made many mistakes early in his career. Firstly, he’d go back and re-evaluate the people in his inner circle. The best friends challenge and promote growth. Secondly, he learned the importance of repetitive and mundane tasks. Small moments of hard work lead to bigger success. And lastly, he never let failure keep him down.

Lubar also believes in fostering and open, trusting, and honest communication culture. Business work much better when everyone is on the same page. Rather than submit to failure, the entire company addresses the issues and comes back from failure. Additionally, team members put in more effort when they feel their voice carries weight with the boss.

The true key Todd Lubar’s success is his hyperactive organizational skills. He uses his love for the business to fuel his business agenda. He’s constantly got his eye on every aspect of his companies. He makes it a personal mission to make every decision an informed decision.

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