Philanthropic Life of Betsy Devos and Family

After the election of Donald Trump, Betsy Devos got appointed as the 11th secretary of education. In over three decades, she has involved herself in matters regarding the school system. She advocates for children and parents and in particular, for the needy children. Additionally, she champions to have reforms that contribute to the access of quality education. Devos interaction with the children and parents in the public schools of Michigan changed her perspective towards education. It is evident that her current position provides her with the power to effect change in the system. The location and family incomes should never be the determinant of the choice of school children attends. In her present position, she gets the ability to champion for the return of control to the states. This way, parents will have greater power in choosing the education setup in which their children should learn. Therefore, the parents’ inputs will directly affect the output of the children. She is a mother of four and graduated from the Calvin College with a degree in Arts.

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Devos family philanthropy work is extensive. It goes back decades. The family has donated millions of dollars to human rights groups, nonprofit organizations, and leadership institutes. Their charitable deeds have crossed the borders both locally and internationally. They have extensively donated for political purposes in the country. In Michigan, they have given over $ 44 million for political purposes alone. Betsy Devos own philanthropic activities have involved partnering with her husband, Dick Devos. Together they formed the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. The institution is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan where they live. Through the foundation, the couple funds and champions for school choice in Michigan. Dick and Betsy Foundation advocates for the provision of quality education to all children. Betsy Devos supports two private Christian schools. She provides funding to the Education Freedom Forum, an institution that provides Scholarships for needy children. Additionally, the foundation supports the West Michigan Aviation Academy. In a broader sense, Betsy Devos charitable activities revolve around donation towards the improvement of education.

There are other several recipients of donations from the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation. They continue to show support for the American Federation for Children. Their philanthropy extends to the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Additionally, she chairs the board at AFC. The institution is affiliated with Alliance for School Choice. It is also allied with ALEC and several organizations advocating for school choice. However, Betsy Family Foundation is not limited to making donations to schools. They have donated to health care and art facilities in the nation. She supports Art Prize and pediatric oncology at Helen Devos Children Hospital. She also holds several positions at local and international charitable organizations. Visit to know more about Betsy.

George Soros Is Pushing Social Justice Forward

The Need for Social Justice

Social justice is one of the most important things every society needs to keep in mind. Without it, you have a country where people are judged not by their merit but by the position they were born into. George Soros wants to do everything he can to fight this and bring forth as much progress as he can in the world. He does much of his work through the Open Society Foundation and politicians who favor the agenda that he advocates. Through these means he has managed to move mountains and bring forth more progress worldwide.

What He Believes Can Be Done

George Soros has helped people from South Africa to Eastern Europe. He has brought democracy and free market capitalism to people around the world. Today, he is focused on America and doing everything he can to make America a more progressive and inclusive place. In order to do this he has done everything he can to win more support for globalization and immigration. Unfortunately, there is now a growing opposition to these values and it is taking over politics as we know it. The recent success of Donald Trump stands as a great example of the increasing distrust shown towards the progressive politics of George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

The Resistance against Donald Trump

Donald Trump and George Soros stand at odds with each other on so many issues. The two billionaires have been at it since Trump was able to secure his nomination as the Republican nominee. Naturally, George Soros, a fan of immigration, was completely opposed to just about everything that Donald Trump made front and center in his electoral bid. Trump has made it clear he wants to end the current way the United States looks at immigration and the current way we conduct free trade. George Soros wants to see none of this end.

Keeping up The Good Fight

To prevent Trump from ever acting on his agenda George Soros has created his own coalition and wants to do just about everything he can to ensure that Democrats have a way of returning to power. As of now, Republicans control the vast majority of power in the federal government and the majority of state governments. It is an uphill battle for the Left but Soros wants to change things. Learn more on about George Soros.

About George Soros

George Soros is a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to bringing social justice to the entire world. He has done this through his non-profit organization the Open Society Foundation and through political contributions to politicians that support the policies he believes in. His work has led to changes around the world from the end of Apartheid to the election of Bill Clinton as president of the United States.

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George Soros Looks to Influence American Politics

George Soros is a billionaire investor who has been quite active in politics over the years. He is very well known as one of the most active donors for the Democrat Party. Since Soros is very liberal and believes in progressive causes, he has often looked to use his influence to help the Democrat Party win as many elections as possible. During the past year in 2016, Soros has done a number of things in order to help the Democrat Party on He donated millions of dollars to the presidential campaign of candidate Hillary Clinton. Soros has also met with Democrat leaders in order to help provide them with a new strategy for future elections. Along with providing funding and feedback for the Democrat Party, George has also looked to influence state politics in order to make them more liberal. Lastly, George Soros has suggested and supported a number of actions that will likely help the Democrat Party regain power in future elections.

On of the most notable activities that Soros participated in during the year of 2016 is the presidential election on  Therefore, he gave her approximately $25 million in order to put together the most effective campaign possible. These donations were an attempt to ensure that Clinton win the election and lead American down a more progressive political path on Forbes.

While the Democrat Party suffered a considerable setback when they lost a majority of seats in the House and the Senate, they looked to reexamine their situation. Soros looked to help them with this process when he visited Washington shortly after the election. During these meetings, the Democrats and liberal leaders looked to find ways to put themselves in better position to win future elections on Politico. These include appealing to more voters, providing more funding to areas that are more conservative and also appointing new leadership within the party. George Soros has made suggestions as well as given the party his approval of the new strategy they will look to use in order to regain a majority of power.

While Soros has spent a considerable amount of his time helping shape federal elections, he has also been quite active as the state level as well. In 2016, George Soros looked to help the state of Florida become more liberal politically. Since there were a number of Puerto Rican voters in central Florida, Soros looked to convince them to vote for fellow Puerto Rican politicians who ran for the Democrat Party. By suggesting this strategy, the voters will be in position to elect more liberal political candidates. As a result, the state will be on course to become yet another Democrat stronghold in the nation.

In both federal and state politics, George Soros has helped the Democrat party set a new direction for the future. With Soros’ help and support, the Democrat party will now look to appeal to working class voters in order to gain more support from this voting group. Lastly, the Democrats will now look to clearly state its views to the Republicans in order to ensure that America is better when it is more socially and economically progressive.