Bob Reina Is Helping Tampa Bay Humane Society A Million Different Ways

Each year there is an annual gala held by the humane society of Tampa Bay. It is this gala that is used to bring in donations for the coming year for the care and expenses of the animals brought into the Tampa Bay humane society. Each year, Bob Reina attends and each year, he makes a donation to the cause. He loves animals and loves to do anything he can to help them out, including bringing them home.


Right now Bob Reina is the proud owner of 11 stray animals. Of those 11, 5 of them are stray dogs that he rescued. One of them was attacked by an alligator and lost a leg. He rescued this little pup and brought him home to find a place to be loved until the end of his life. He could live through an encounter with an alligator, he must be something special, right?


This year, Bob made a donation to the humane society of more than a quarter million dollars to start. Throughout the year, Bob continues to offer support to the humane society. In fact, just recently, Bob made a donation over three quarters of a million to help out the Tampa Bay humane society to build a vet center that will be offered to those in need and low income families who own pets.


This low cost facility will be built to bring in pets who would otherwise go without the care they need because their owners are unable to pay full cost for vet services. The low cost care will include making sure that the pets have medications they need, shots are current and up to date as well as paying for neutering and spaying of all pets.


In order to help keep the humane society from being over populated, more people need to be conscious about the services that they offer. By bringing your pet to the humane society for neutering and spaying, you are helping to keep more animals off the streets and out of bad situations. With the new vet center opening, more people will be able to be helped long term. Learn more:

How Igor Cornelsen is using his experience to help budding Investors

Igor Cornelsen is without any doubt an investment guru whose interests cut across, stock markets, banking and general investments. For over four decades, Igor worked in the banking industry where he amassed a great wealth of experience and expertise in predicting and investing in money markets.

It is this knowledge that he now uses with his company, Bainbridge Inc., to help investors make long-term reliable business decisions. As a banker, Igor held top positions in leading Brazilian banks. While there, he interacted and worked with several top rich individuals whom he helped invest variably. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

The self-declared lover of golf has contributed his knowledge in several journals and magazines. The stock markets are one of his favorite investment options and he encourages entrepreneurs to understand stocks at length.

He is also an advocate of long-term investments as opposed to short -term ventures, further observing that investors should scatter their money across various sectors.

One of the strategies that Igor has stressed over time is investing strategically in damaged stocks and avoiding damaged companies. In his view, this technique is used in consideration that when stock prices suffer because of corporate problems, there is always a shift in performances. Nonetheless, by carefully scrutinizing companies, investors can point out companies that are bound to fizzle out completely.

It is his keenness in the stock markets that saw him maintain a wide portfolio of investment despite Brazil’s recent slump performance in the stock market

Igor observes that although the Brazilian market is welcoming to new investors, it would be important for new investors to first make contacts with renowned investors. In addition, Igor advises foreigners to explore partnering with Brazilian trader since this would make it easier for them to make inroads. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen:

The expert investor also advises young people to seek all ways of reducing risks when investing and to start investing at an early age. He notes concerns that many young people below the age of 30 in America do not have retirement plans in place.

Investment can be tricky especially when one has not guided accordingly. With his wealth of experience, Igor Cornelsen is helping people make the right investment choices.

Expanding Art Beyond the Canvas and into Dwelling Spaces

When people think about art, among the things they think about are drawings and paintings on paper, cartoons and even live-action motion pictures. However, art is not limited to that. There are many different forms of art that people take on. One form of art is interior design and renovation. This is the type of artwork that Richard Mishaan Design takes on in New York. They deal with all of the different types of designs that could take a regular home and bring it a new form of life to residents. His renovations are good for business locations as well.

Richard Mishaan Design has put together a lot of work that not only looks amazing, but inspires as well. This is one of the reasons that more people are looking to Richard Mishaan Design for help, examples or just inspiration. One thing that is certain is that not that many people have all that much time to take on the renovations themselves. This is one of the reasons that they hire professionals to do the work. For one thing, if they attempt their own renovations, they are likely to screw it up all by themselves. Fortunately, there are a ton of artistic professionals that have the touch to bring out such renovations.

A lot of these renovations have a lot of unique designs to them. The overall feel of these places bring about a sense of comfort to people. This allows them to relax and enjoy their home. Richard Mishaan Design is willing to bring forth a design to the home that is specific to the resident. Therefore, Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in quite a few magazines and publications for people to check out. They can be amazed at the type of work that has been put into the renovations.

Anthony Petrello’s Journey to Professional Excellence

Tony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nabors Industries Limited. Tony served as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company from 1991 to 2011. Tony has gained a lot of experience in his profession hence making him highly competent, knowledgeable and innovative. He has worked as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the company since June 2012. Tony Petrello has managed to provide strategic directions and planning that enable Nabor industries to prosper and adapt to the highly competitive environment. Through his leadership, the company has adopted various technologies and read full article.


It is worth noting that since 1979 to 1991, Tony worked with Baker and McKenzie. From 1986 through 1991, Tony was the Managing Partner of the Company’s office located in New York. Tony has also served as the Director of Stewart and Stevenson since February 2011. Among his other significant achievements in his career include serving as the director of and Texas Children’s Hospital. His extensive experience holding the position of a director and chairman in various organizations has enabled him to gain extensive knowledge in the management of big organizations.


Anthony Petrello graduated from Havard School of Law with a J.D degree. He also graduated from Yale University with a master’s in Mathematics. In his previous work experiences, he focused on general corporate law, taxation, and international arbitration. Through Tony’s leadership, he enabled Nabors to provide innovative technologies, performance tools, and drilling services to the most significant gas and oil markets across the world. Tony acquires skilled employees who are trendsetters in the industry. He has also helped Nabor Company to transform the drilling industry and attain operational excellence by setting new standards.


In 2013, Petrello made $68.3 million which included a payment of $60 million came from contract renegotiation. In 2012, the annual compensation was 246% as reported by Equilar. In 2014, Nabors changed its compensation practices and corporate governance. The changes implemented meant splitting of the functions of the CEO and chairman thus reducing the payment given to the CEO. The money held back was to be distributed among shareholders. As a result, Petrello did not top in 2014 as the top the best-paid-boss and Tony on Facebook.

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Transforming People Lives with Doug Levitt at Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt started as a communicator in London before he founded Greyhound Diaries. Furthermore he used to be aired on London, Bosnia and Iran for media firms including CNN, ABC and NBC. He as well does music and songwriting. Doug Levitt got a Fulbright Scholarship because of the great effort he had put through. He went to London School of Economics whereby he attained a degree in nationalism and also attained a master’s degree in Ethnic. His passion for helping people started when he was at a tender age hence enabling him in accomplishing more.

The Greyhound Diaries began with the main aim of helping people through music by inspiring them. Mostly the messages were conveyed to individuals who are having a stressful life. The Greyhound Diaries also uses their buses to pass their inspiring messages to the people through the music which is played in the buses. The most accomplishment they have made is traveling 120,000 kilometers and more than 10 years hence passing inspiring messages to the people. Also images and stories are used also to pass messages and as well displaying the problems people face in life.

Greyhound Diaries also joined with WPA-era whereby the organization assists in displaying and passing messages. WPA-era as a network company uses its networks to display the image of the United States of America through using Greyhound Diaries. The association of the two organizations more people are able to be reached all over the world. Woody Guthrie Center, colleges and Southern Law Center are some of the places where the projects are being displayed. Greyhound also spread its project in various TV stations and magazines to be displayed such as Reuters, Fox News and CNN and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

These media stations display motivation stories that inspire people and transform their lives by showing them on how to solve their problems they are facing in life. Photo exhibits and web series are some of other channels where the stories are shown. Greyhound Diaries ensures they are able to stop the conflict in the community because it is the main challenge today. Doug Levitt is happy to transform many people lives in the community and more information click here.

Roberto Santiago the Enigma Behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a famous businessman from Brazil. He is also quite successful. Roberto owns one of the biggest malls in Brazil. In the state of Paraiba where it is located, it is the largest mall there. At 58, Roberto has achieved heights of success that are the envy of his peers. However, Roberto did not build his empire in a day. It took years of hard work and commitment to achieve what he has today.

His Humble Roots

One of Roberto’s earliest ventures in business was a cartonnage company. He later moved out of that business but he had gained some useful experience. He is a serial entrepreneur who has established other small businesses. However, his main business is in the shopping mall sector. One of his most successful malls is the Manaira shopping mall.

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The Manaira Shopping Mall

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall opened its doors to the public in 1989. It is found in the state of Paraiba in Brazil. The mall is to be found in the heart of the booming city of Joao Pessoa. It is conveniently located in an area that offers easy access to all the people that live in this magnificent city. The mall is a major shopping center for all the people of the city and beyond. It contains that you would expect in a mega mall. Whether it is food or entertainment, you are spoilt for options at this mall.

Manaira is the main hangout spot for the residents of the city. People from within and outside this magnificent state often visit it. They come here for the mega theaters, the food, the bowling alleys, the food courts, the bars and much more. The mall is so big; it can be compared to a small city. It contains everything that you will ever need while doing your shopping.

The entertainment

A major reason why people visit this mall is for the entertainment. It contains 11 movie theaters that are fitted with some of the latest technology in the entertainment world. Thus, you can expect to get a high-quality audio-visual experience that is unmatched by anything else you will find in Brazil. Best of all, these movie theaters showcase different genres. Thus, you can always find something entertaining when you visit. If you would like an immersive 3D movie experience, you should visit this mall. Three of its theaters feature the latest in 3D equipment.

It main entertainment center is the Domus Hall. The hall can accommodate up to 8,000 people at once. It is fitted with the latest air conditioning to ensure that people have a relaxed time while enjoying an event. The hall has hosted some of the biggest events in Brazil with great success. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

Introduction of Five Star Hospital Services by Copa Star Hospital in Brazil

In an era that has been dominated by competition and demand for quality services, businesses are doing the best to survive. While others are going to the end of the world to convince their customers that they offer the best services, there is a hospital in Brazil that is using technology to win the loyalty of customers. True to its word, the Copa Stat hospital in Brazil is attracting patients from all walks of life in Brazil and abroad and in the process threatening other local hospitals. With only one hospital in Rio de Janeiro, plans are underway to open other hospitals of the sort across Brazil with target cities being Brasilia, Sao Paolo, and Londrina. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

But you might be wondering what’s special about this hospital .Well, unlike other hospitals in Brazil that do not emphasize of the concept of luxury, the hospital is capitalizing on the concept offering five-star services reserved for hotels only. There are modern ICU’s, state of the art operation rooms and modern robotic equipment. The Hospital Copa Star can handle

all kinds of diseases as it has a modern cardiology and neurology center called Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. Other than equipment and facility, the hospital has highly trained staff who have the ability to monitor a patient for 24 hours. The operation rooms in this hospital have been equipped with a modern technology called magnetic resonance imaging that allows medical professionals to scan patients during operation. Also, there is teleconferencing equipment within the operating rooms to allow conversation with highly trained practitioners in the case of a complication during operation. This technology makes it easier to share images and related information about the patient with foreign doctors.

The hospital is a brainchild of an RAF Architecture employee called Roderigo Sambaguy who says that he was motivated by the demand for such services during the 2014 world cup. He also says that the goal of the hospital is to create an environment that fosters healing and wellbeing. The materials used to build the hospital are also well selected to ensure that they comply with energy conservation laws. The air conditioning system within the hospital is connected with other systems such as lighting system, elevators, and medical equipment.

The facility is also equipped with a modern dining area where an exquisite choice of menu is available for the patient. What’s more, the dining room is fitted with comfortable leather seats to afford the patients some serenity. There is a grand piano in the facility, and the rooms have been fitted with artwork from Japanese artists. To ensure that they answer any query that comes along, the hospital has active social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The facility belongs to the D’Or Networks. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

The Determinations of Mike Baur to transform the Swiss Banking Industry.

Mike Baur is a top business person who has been focused on discovering the new transformations that IT can offer to the Swiss banking industry. He is the proprietor of The Swiss Startup Factory. His company is committed to providing aid to emerging enterprises that would like to succeed in the banking industry but lack sufficient funds and mentorship to support their growth. The entrepreneur has been offering the capital that is required to support the startup by convincing business leaders to invest their money in the projects.


Mr. Baur recently recruited a new member, who is known as Michael Hartweg. He was a former employee of the Leonteq, but he quit two years ago to pursue personal dreams. His responsibility at the company will be to act as an investor and counselor. Hartweg will be selecting the projects that he would like to support and will motivate them as they develop until they understand how the business sector works. He has joined the list of the many investors that Mike Baur was invited to offer financial aid to Fintech enterprises. Mike’s initiatives include an accelerator program for projects. The plan is also devoted to supporting Fintech firms. It assists Fintech companies that need to be boosted finically and also motivated.


Mike established both his enterprise and the accelerator plan in 2014. The chief officers of the SSF are located in Zurich, and it is dedicated supporting innovative individuals who have Fintech startups. The firm ensures that the enterprises can develop themselves and maneuver in the business community. As the chief executive officer of the company, Baur invests a lot of time to access the most reliable investors that can offer useful contributions to startups.


The entrepreneur has always ensured that businesses can access capital and motivation for his acceleration project to be active. He has been serving the Swiss banking industry for approximately 20 years. His long service has enabled him to acquire unparalleled experience that assists him to understand business models that can be successful in the corporate world and those that fail. This knowledge has allowed him to adjust all aspects in the programs that he manages to match the needs of the IT and banking sector. According to him, there are very many firms in the Swiss banking industry, but very few use IT in running their activities. Lack of this technology puts them in a disadvantaged position.


Property Reports Made Easy—Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. Revamps Website, Online Ordering Available

Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading processors of documents and tiles for the real estate industry. For the company, they have taken pleasure in responding to the calls of action which are regarded as the action fall outs for the industry. Therefore, they have developed an action call which regards the title defects in the region. For this reason, the company has developed an online application form which lets their clients access the titles through an online application form. In the recent past, there is a seen increase in the title defects which leads to difficult real estate transactions in business.


As a mate of fact, these defects have led to devastating business implications which affect only the innocent people in a transaction. In the recent past, most people have considered themselves as he ones who lead to the wrongful foreclosures happening to their clients in the process of acquiring a property when a title is a defect. On the other hand, there are others who feel that they are the ones who contribute to the stagnation of business in which it should have been a seamless transaction.


In the secondary market, the effects are even more adverse because they do not understand the meaning of title defects. According to the company, there are many ways in which they happen. Property records, on the other hand, are the main key which aids the transaction to be conducted in a seamless manner. For this reason, they are the reason why these buybacks are inevitable in the process of securing a transaction. For you to reduce the risk of buybacks and inability of foreclosure, you must ensure that the property titles are kept in a better manner.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the leading document processing and research companies based in the United States. The company conducts its services to aid the financial and mortgage industries to have a better business transaction in all their deals. The company, through their technology initiatives, has taken steps to make property documents and titles for the financial and mortgage industry. The company has also worked to launch an updated website which allows their clients access their services in a seamless manner.

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The Financial Investment Expertise of Mike Baur

A Swiss entrepreneur and businessman, Mike Baur is one of the founders of Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur’s home is in Fribourg, Switzerland. Baur’s fascination with finance and banking begun when in his teenage years. Baur later went on to pursue a career that reflected his passion-banking and finance. Baur has two MBAs from the University of Bern and Rochester New York respectively. Baur has been in the banking industry for more than 20 years, working for firms such as Clariden Leu and UBS. Baur left the banking profession and turned his focus to startup companies. It was after analyzing the needs and challenges facing startup organizations that he partnered with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister in 2014 to co-found Swiss Startup Factory. The company has 43 branches across the world and employs more than 2,000 professionals.


The Services Offered by Swiss Startup Factory


The main objective of Mike Baur is to help Swiss youth entrepreneurs. Through Swiss Startup Factory, Baur aims to provide young and talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland with a professional execution base that guides them through a business-oriented and dedicated process with well laid out milestones. Some of the initiatives that Baur has introduced through his Swiss Startup Factory include a startup accelerator program, co-working space services, and financial accounting services. The startup accelerator program is an initiative that offers startups with mentoring, coaching, financing services, office space, and exposure to a large investor and entrepreneurial network. The accelerator program is a three month training session.


Apart from the accelerator program, Swiss Startup Factory offers co-working space services. In an effort to promote the youthful entrepreneurs who have very little financial resources when starting up, Baur and his colleagues introduced co-working space services that include affordable conference rooms, lunch rooms, office spaces, in-house filming studio, free Wi-Fi, a fitness room, storage space, and official desks.


In addition to helping startups get on their feet, Baur and co. through the Swiss Startup Factory offers finance and accounting advice to its clients. The professionals at Swiss Startup Factory advice clients on bookkeeping, payroll management, invoice management, reporting of VAT and tax, financial statements, cash flow reports, and other basic finance and accounting knowledge that can help newbie entrepreneurs manage and run their businesses effectively.


Beneficiaries of the Initiatives by Swiss Startup


The services offered by Swiss Startup under the leadership of Baur have led to the establishment of many renowned brands. Some of the startups that have benefited from the Swiss Startup Factory include: Blinkers, Beaconsmind, Carhelper, and Struckd