Canadian Brew with Eli Gershkovitch

Truth be told the Canadian people love their Beer. Its the most popular drink in Canada with almost 9 billion in sales annually. Domestic Brewers count for 85% of beer consumed in Canada, contrasted with wine and spirits. In 2016 national can sales Rose by just 5.8 percent alone. Its safe to say that the great people of Canada don’t mind spending their hard earned cash on a few cold ones. Which could be a great thing for local breweries.


All of this is part to do with a man named Eli Gershkovitch (MontrealGazette). Gershkovitch is seemingly a busy man being he is a Pilot, a Lawyer and the CEO of Stream works Craft Brewery. In recent competitions, Stream works has been known to be both traditional and innovative. This may have help them to become one of the most popular breweries amongst recent judges they’ve seen.


Streamworks is a well-known craft beer amongst the Canadian people and Eli Gershkovitch is just as popular in some opinions. Gershkovitch is known to be an unconventional business man that is known to have a different approach to life than another fortune 500 CEOs.


Each year dozens of new microbreweries come and shake the industries with innovations that Gershkovitch is known to counter with his own ideas. This has kept Streamworks in such a dominant position amongst competitors not only in marketplaces but competitions as well.


Eli Gershkovitch is also known for an impressive car collection which features classic cars the likes most people can only dream of. Gershkovitch also not only owns 2 of his own planes but can fly them as well. The CEO developed a love for planes at a young age and has seemed to hold on to that same passion over the years.

Gershkovitch seems to have mastered the art of All work and “still” some play over the course of his tenure as CEO. Starting back in 1995, Stream works Brew Pub opened in Gastown with 184 seats and now seats 754. A small example of just what hard work can do and how far Eli Gershkovitch has come in this industry.

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