Self Expression Is Key For Doe Deere

Doe Deere has always taken her own route through life and business after deciding her own ideas for cosmetics could become a successful career in the beauty industry. Deere has always looked at her life and career with a different slant, something she largely relates to her upbringing in Russia and New York; the 2008 launch of her own Lime Crime brand that has proven to be an almost unlimited success came out of her first attempts at creating a career through her sewing skills she developed studying fashion in New York City.

One of the first questions Doe Deere is always asked when she sets out to explain her life and business is where the name Lime Crime came from, and what it means; the answer is a simple one, Doe Deere originally opened an eBay account to sell her own products and needed an account name that eventually became “LimeCrime”. The founder of the cosmetics company now states she believes the name Lime Crime reflects her favorite color and the nature of the products she develops, which are so bold and colorful that she believes they are close to being classed as illegal.

The busy life of the entrepreneur has been the daily career of Deere since the 2008 launch of her cosmetics brand, which was born out of her own starting point of a clothing line. Prior to her successful career as a cosmetics executive, Doe Deere, spent a long period of time forming her clothing brand and singing with a band she started with her husband. The Los Angeles based entrepreneur now states the only regret she has as a business person is her failure to launch the Lime Crime range of cosmetics earlier in her life, and embark upon her recent period of success earlier in her adult life.


Like almost every other entrepreneur Doe Deere works hard to achieve the success she has already won and that she hopes to continue to achieve in the future. A brief rundown of each day sees the Lime Crime founder meet with her Creative Director and Chief Operating Officer to make sure the plans she has set out for the company continue to be achieved. From there Doe Deere can finally look to take part in the daily activities she loves, including time spent by the self taught cosmetics creator in the Lime Crime lab working alongside expert scientists to create the latest ranges of cruelty free cosmetics. Despite the success she has achieved in the last decade Doe Deere continues to feel she must treat her employees in the same way she hopes to be treated in her life by being appreciated for the work they complete in an uplifting fashion.

Vintners’ Hall Proves to be the Ideal Venue for Hosting Events in the UK

Recently, the Vintners’ Hall, home to one of the top UK Vintners, hosted a spectacular event that displayed the hall’s magnificence, creative catering skills and service. The event drew the attendance of many guests including over 120 members of the UK-based Vintners. These members included clerks and wardens of the Livery Companies, who are well-known for hosting numerous events in and around London City.

Kim Lyons, the Assistant Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Distillers, cited that the company begins its event management process with a drink followed by creating a menu that matches its needs. She also asserted that all the events for the year would be held at Vintners ‘Hall due to its focus on quality and flexibility. Searcys and Vintners provided the perfect combination for the success of the event since they both struck a balance between service, flexibility, and creativity.

Exquisite Meals Served by Searcys

As the provider of event management and catering services for the event, Searcys served a broad range of quality food for reception purposes. The food served included prosciutto ham Tietar cheese, smoked eel croquettes, salad of broad bean, rosemary and goat curd, as well as white chocolate and truffle buttons.

Patricia Paixao, the manager in charge of sales and marketing for Searcys at Vintners’, claimed that the event marked its most fruitful display to date. As a result, Searcys received exceptionally positive feedback as well as a broad range of inquiries. Vintners’ Hall partnership Searcys gave it an excellent an opportunity to offer creative catering, which is unrivaled by other halls.

In-depth Details about Vintners in the UK

The City of London boasts of numerous UK vintners. The Vintner, established in 2010, operates as a London-based wine merchant. As one of the UK Vintners, its main objective involves guiding its clients through the complex and vast topic of wines. By doing so, it aids individuals in selecting, drinking and enjoying the preferred wine. The Vintners offer 100 varieties of wines for business and home purposes.

Meet James Dondero the investment manager giving to improve the North Texas community

James Dondero is the President and Co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Jim as most people call him has over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets that focus on distressed and high yield investing. James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia from McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Finance and Accounting. He has received several certifications as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

Before he went to Highlands Investments, Jim worked as the chief investment officer at Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary. He grew the business from a mere startup to up to $2 billion within a period of five years. Mr. Dondero had also served at American Express where he managed $1 billion worth of fixed income funds. James is a philanthropic giver who believes in giving back to the community. This is the spirit that led him to form the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. which focuses on helping the community. He is also a long-term supporter of healthcare initiatives and education in the Dallas community.

Recently James Dondero who is one of the most experienced and large investment managers partnered with Mary Jalonick who is the CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation together with her team of donor service and philanthropic experts in giving. Jim was looking for a partner to help them manage their annual charitable budget which had grown to more than $3million. This was when Jim and Mary met and together, they decided to form a foundation that will be helping the community. They selected The Dallas Foundation which is an organization that had a proven record of achievements in the nonprofit community, and it was also deeply engulfed in helping the North Texas community. Jim also hired Linda Owen recently who is the former president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda focuses on Highland Dallas Foundation Inc which is the supporting organization that was formed when Mary and Jim met. They together evaluate several strategies which they would use to build a charitable giving framework that would be bold, aspirational and effective. Jim has a philanthropic strategy that employs multi years grant as part of his giving.


Raj Fernando – An Inspirational Trader And Foreign Policy Expert

Since starting college, Raj Fernando was always interested in understanding the dynamics of financial markets. Therefore, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree, he started learning the tricks of the trade at CME, Chicago Mercantile Exchange. On the trading floor of CME, Raj exhibited phenomenal decision making capabilities and understanding of the markets, which allowed him to climb the corporate ladder, quickly. Soon, Raj was being recognized as on the most innovative traders at CME.

In order to strengthen his knowledge of the global financial markets, Raj Fernando opened his own firm, Chopper Trading. Initially, Chopper Trading focused itself in designing viable financial strategies for high-profile clients. However, realizing that his clients were as interested in risk management as capital gains, Raj overhauled his firm to work on developing risk management systems. The integration of risk management systems and advanced financial trading tools made Chopper Trading one of the most influential participants in global markets. Currently, Chopper Trading employs nearly 250 highly-skilled engineers and traders, who served clients from around the globe.

As the CEO and founder of Chopper Trading, Raj continues to address cyber security issues at various government and private institutions. His focus on building systems for cyber security and risk management proved instrumental in maintaining the strict security codes of various security agencies in the country. As a result, he was asked to advise the committee of American Security Project. His contribution to the project is evident from the fact that Raj is hailed as instrumental to security of the United States by the CEO of American Security Project, Brigadier General Stephen Cheney.

In fact, he is also one of the most active contributors to the political campaigns of Democratic Party. According to various experts, Raj was one of the major contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for Presidency. Nowadays, he also focuses on managing, which is a new startup that aims to deliver insider information to companies and individuals.

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Ken Goodgame’s Accomplishments during the Post-economic Crisis Period

On November 30, 2010, Ken Goodgame was chosen to address the 12th annual conference on Drug Store News Issues Summit. The Summit brought together more than 100 retailers. The meeting was held at a period when the country’s economy was on a downturn. At the time, Goodgame was the general merchandising officer at Ace hardware.

Amongst the retailing issues that were discussed in the summit were inventory management, private label, and store execution. Due to the economic constraints, most retailers were finding it difficult to close purchase deals.

During the summit, Kenneth Goodgame was asked to highlight how Ace hardware successfully carried out inventory management in such difficult economic times. He asserted that Ace had reduced the number of promotional SKUs from 250 to 40. This intervention prompted clients to make purchases from the company.

As Ace’s merchandising officer during the down economy period, Goodgame helped the firm to maintain stability using various tactical interventions. Under his leadership, he expanded the growth of hand tool sales by $171M.

He structured the management strategy to address the financial constraints in the down economy. Due to his good managerial skills, Ace achieved a 4.5% annual growth in its sales translating to a $15M annual growth in wholesale sales. Ace increased its annual store openings by 300% thereby generating more $150M of revenue. In a plan to raise competitive retail success, Ace also renovated its existing stores to meet the modern customers’ demands.

For the first time in over 25 years, the firm adopted an innovative and new direction to completely refresh its packaging and modernize its private label branding.

During his leadership, the company was reviewed as having the best customer services in the hardware industry.

Goodgame’s achievements at Ace stemmed from the experience he had gained while serving companies like Techtronic Industries, Newell Rubbermaid, and Home Depot. He demonstrated his ability to promote an organization’s growth via critical leadership.

Eric Pulier: Career Achievements, Philanthropy and Publication

The life of Eric Pulier began in Teaneck, New Jersey. He started programming in elementary school and when in high school, he created a database computer company. After graduating high school, Mr Pulier joined Harvard University for his collegiate career. He studied Literature and Computer Science as well as Visual and Environmental Studies.

Career Achievements

Eric Pulier has accomplished great achievements in his career life, making him one of the revered men in the business world. After graduating with honours, Pulier moved to California to advance his professional objectives. He founded a company known as People Doing Things in California. The establishment was designed with the purpose of addressing critical such as health and education using technology. Three years later, he founded Digital Evolution, an interactive agency which merged with US Interactive in 1998. Since then, he has founded several other companies, including Akana, Media Platform, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and recently, vAtomic Systems.


Pulier is a well-known philanthropist, and he donates and participates in multiple charity organizations. His goal has been to use technology to solve the problems that are experienced by the poor and ailing. As a young professional, he created an educational computer platform that was designed to help people with Multiple Sclerosis to learn more efficiently.

Pulier executed a Presidential Technology Exhibition famously known as The Bridge to the 21st Century during the inauguration of Clinton. Afterwards, he became involved in the Clinton Initiative which sought to bring low-cost cloud computing. Pulier also donates to XPRIZE Foundation, an organization that creates competitions to promote technological innovation. In addition, he is a board member of an organization for chronically sick children, Painted Turtle.


When Eric Pulier was in Harvard, he was an author and editor for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. In 2005, He co-authored a book titled Understanding Enterprise SOA with Hugh Taylor, which describes the critical relationship between business and technology. Moreover, he contributed to the March issue of Forbes Magazine in 2012.

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Talk Fusion Wins a Major Award in 2016

The award was given to Talk Fusion in August of 2016. It is the second award the company has been awarded in 2016. This award by TMC is given to companies that have made major contributions to video, data, and voice communication within the last 12 months.

Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC said in a press release that he was honored to give the award. Talk Fusion utilizes WebRTC technology to assist users to communicate with anyone via video. The second award thus far shows that Talk Fusion is working, and it is revolutionizing communication. Talk Fusion is available on many platforms including desktop, iTunes, and the Play Store.

Bob Reina, who is the founder of Talk Fusion, was quite honored to receive the award. He said that his IT team is currently working on even better solutions for the future. Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer, also had something to say about the award. He praised Talk Fusion for bringing innovation and efficiency to the market.

Talk Fusion has also introduced free trials, in addition to the double awards. There is also a WebRTC Recorder now available, and they have launched a new site. All of these achievements have been accomplished within a period of one year.
About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a multi-level marketing solution. It allows users to reach your customers more efficiently than the competition. It will allow a business to grow its sales and profits. In addition, it raises the possibility of return customers. The videos used by Talk Fusion make it easier for customers to remember a business.

Talk Fusion products are available to customers in more than 140 countries globally. The products are marketed on a person-to-person basis. All the products available from Talk Fusion are available on a 30-day free trial basis. Users do not have to pay anything or give out the credit card details during the trial period. Bob Reina founded the company in 2007. It has a strong commitment to giving back to the community throughout charities throughout the world.


John Goullet Uses His Talents in the IT Staffing Arena

John Goullet is an entrepreneur who has helped develop a number of highly successful ventures in the IT arena. He began his career as and IT consultant, later getting into the IT staffing area. He understood the changing trends in IT and was able to use this expertise in the staffing area. John Goullet started Info Technologies, which focused on staffing for Fortune 500 companies around the United States. The company grew to a $30 million company, and in 2010 was named one of the 500 fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine. The company was merged into Diversant to for Diversant LLC. John serves as principal of the company.

Diversant is expecting to make major news in 2017. John is an experienced IT consultant. He serves as Chairman and CEO of Info Technologies. His efforts at Diversant have helped them become one of the country’s major IT staffing companies. Diversant offers IT staff augmentation, innovative working solutions and direct hiring. The company helps business find the right IT talent for their specific needs. They source and vet candidates for hire.

John is an entrepreneur with a lot of success. He knows how to build a company from scratch. He has a diverse knowledge of the IT market. He started his career with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Ursinus College. After graduating John worked for 10 years for a number of technology companies to get experience in the industry.

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John Goullet and Diversant are Leading With Solutions


Endeavors of Mike Baur

With his love and appreciation for education, Mike Baur graced University of Rochester New York and graduated with a bachelor of business administration. He then joined University of Berne for an Executive master’s in business administration where he topped his class.

Mike Baur’s sense of accountability and duty pushed him to work in Swiss Private Banking like Clariden Leu and Sallfort for twenty years. Slowly but surely, Mike made his way up the ranking of the banks. He started off as a commercial apprentice and ended up as an executive board member of the private bank.

At the age of thirty-nine, his real entrepreneurial journey officially started. He participated in a Start Summiteer; this is the most esteemed startup pitching contest in the world. Out of three hundred startups, only thirty get the opportunity to pitch in front of important investors and thousands of audience. Baur emerged the ultimate winner in the contest.

Together with his two partners, they started a Swiss Start up factory which is currently the leading private and independently financed initial stage ICT startup accelerator in the whole of Switzerland. Started in 1992, the company grew rapidly and currently has more than forty-three offices worldwide and employs in excess of two thousand employees.

Mike has a passion for ensuring that youths in Switzerland achieve their potential, he has invested a lot of time in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and gives financial and mentorship support to various Swiss Startup businesses. His company is driven by the ambition to create a worldwide company that does not follow the prevailing norm, product or business models. Their core business is a three-month program that offers early-stage startups with servicing, financial, coaching, office space, mentoring and access to investor’s network.

Early this year, his Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI where Baur was named the deputy managing director. He has led his Start up through its accelerator platform with Goldback Group as well as forming a conglomerate with Fintech Fusion.

Mike Baur’s self-made personality is a rare virtue that should be cultivated amongst all youths. He is a natural leader whose passion to push himself to greater heights is well appreciated all over the globe.

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NutriMost- Ultimate Fat Loss System

NutriMost is quickly gaining popularity as the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”. It is so popular that another diet company is copying their promotional videos and claiming them as their own. Rival company Healthy Living is being sued by NutriMost for allegedly ripping off their promotional videos, according to a suit filed in the Manhattan Federal Court. Healthy Living received a cease-and-desist letter, which was ignored last year. They no longer have the pirated video on their site, however NutriMost is still seeking damages from the theft.

NutriMost is a diet system that was created by chiropractor Ray Wisniewski, D.C, from Murrysville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Wisniewski has shared this program with other chiropractors around the country, spreading the word about his revolutionary program. The program works by keeping the patient’s hormones within a target zone, called the “Ultimate Fat Burning Zone”. By doing so, patients are expected to see results of between 20 to 50 pounds lost in around 40 days.

The program also works differently than most diets by using groundbreaking technology to help patients drop the unwanted pounds. The program uses a device that will help to assess what is in the patient’s body, such as toxins, vitamins, and minerals. Knowing these numbers will help to create a personalized formula to help get the patient’s body back to where it needs to be. The staff at the office will also perform a body analysis to check the patient’s body fat and body water percentage, all of which will factor into the diet.


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