Securus Technologies Is One Of The First To Come Up With A Crime Prevention Program

Never underestimate the value of communicating over a secure network with inmate calling. Securus Technologies believes customer safety should always come first. Their CEO, Rick Smith, has initiated a crime prevention program that goes beyond incarceration. They have applied the same monitoring surveillance used as a government regulation provider to prevent manytele communication crimes. In fact, Smith tells PRN Newswire, 1/3 of all facility related crimes start over the phone and they’re able to safely monitor inmate calls. Each call is government regulated under the state Public Utility Commission. Join Securus and enjoy a technologically advanced network today.


Securus Crime Prevention


– stop illegal inmate gambling

– prevent illegal cellphone use

– add additional facility monitoring

– protected financial transactions

– stop telecommunicate fraud/abuse

track suspicious activity

– and more.


You can trust you’re communicating over a secure network. They were one of the first inmate calling providers to answer to a stabilized inmate calling network. Their prices remain competitive $4 to $1. Join Securus today and take part in many first-time promotional offers for their services and features. Rick Smith says, Securus Technologies strives to put their customers first and ensure their safety with crime prevention.


Bob Reina Is Helping Tampa Bay Humane Society A Million Different Ways

Each year there is an annual gala held by the humane society of Tampa Bay. It is this gala that is used to bring in donations for the coming year for the care and expenses of the animals brought into the Tampa Bay humane society. Each year, Bob Reina attends and each year, he makes a donation to the cause. He loves animals and loves to do anything he can to help them out, including bringing them home.


Right now Bob Reina is the proud owner of 11 stray animals. Of those 11, 5 of them are stray dogs that he rescued. One of them was attacked by an alligator and lost a leg. He rescued this little pup and brought him home to find a place to be loved until the end of his life. He could live through an encounter with an alligator, he must be something special, right?


This year, Bob made a donation to the humane society of more than a quarter million dollars to start. Throughout the year, Bob continues to offer support to the humane society. In fact, just recently, Bob made a donation over three quarters of a million to help out the Tampa Bay humane society to build a vet center that will be offered to those in need and low income families who own pets.


This low cost facility will be built to bring in pets who would otherwise go without the care they need because their owners are unable to pay full cost for vet services. The low cost care will include making sure that the pets have medications they need, shots are current and up to date as well as paying for neutering and spaying of all pets.


In order to help keep the humane society from being over populated, more people need to be conscious about the services that they offer. By bringing your pet to the humane society for neutering and spaying, you are helping to keep more animals off the streets and out of bad situations. With the new vet center opening, more people will be able to be helped long term. Learn more: