Oncotarget – The Medical Journal that has Piqued the Interest of Experts

The medical journal Oncotarget has been becoming more popular over the course of the past couple of years. The medical journal is written in the English language, and it first made its publication in early 2010. The published of Oncotarget is the popular Impact Journals. Oncotarget is sponsored by the Gordon Research Conference.

The main topic of the medical journal Oncotarget is to publish and discuss the latest findings in the field of oncology, hence the name of the journal. Lately, the journal has started accepting submissions n other topics as well. T is stated on the site of the journal that some of the themes which are taken include Neuroscience, all areas of Pharmacology, Metabolism, Endocrinology, Cell Biology, Cardiology, and more.

The medical journal Oncotarget is peer-reviewed which maximizes its accuracy and potential as an active contributor to the medical publication field. Oncotarget publishes interviews with experts from a variety of medical fields as well. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn

Oncotarget is edited in chief by two medical experts – Mikhail Blagosklonny and Dr Andrei V. Gudkov Dr Mikhail V. Blagosklonny. In total there are more than two dozen editors who are always making improvements to the journal so that it can be of as high quality as possible. Many of the members of the editorial board of the Oncotarget medical journal have recently been recognised by a number of institutions and organisations. Dr Carlo M. Croce, who is a former Editor-in-Chief of Cancer Research, has published more than 20 papers in the Incototarget and Dr Andrew Schally, who has won a Nobel Prize has published ten papers in the medical journal. Since 2013, several members of the editorial board of Oncotarget have been recognized with a Breakthrough Prize which is an incredible honour for the scientific and medical community. Some of the winners of the coveted Breakthrough Prize are Bert Vogelstein, Michael N. Hall, as well as Stephen J. Elledge.

Dr Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Dr Andrei Gudkov both occupy positions at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute which is located Buffalo in New York City. Dr Blagosklonny works in the fields of oncology and ageing, and Dr Gudkov operates in the field of molecular biology as well. Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Roberto Santiago the Enigma Behind Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a famous businessman from Brazil. He is also quite successful. Roberto owns one of the biggest malls in Brazil. In the state of Paraiba where it is located, it is the largest mall there. At 58, Roberto has achieved heights of success that are the envy of his peers. However, Roberto did not build his empire in a day. It took years of hard work and commitment to achieve what he has today.

His Humble Roots

One of Roberto’s earliest ventures in business was a cartonnage company. He later moved out of that business but he had gained some useful experience. He is a serial entrepreneur who has established other small businesses. However, his main business is in the shopping mall sector. One of his most successful malls is the Manaira shopping mall.

Know more: http://12social.com.br/roberto-santiago-o-grande-empreendedor-do-manaira-shopping-e-um-homem-de-muitos-talentos/

The Manaira Shopping Mall

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall opened its doors to the public in 1989. It is found in the state of Paraiba in Brazil. The mall is to be found in the heart of the booming city of Joao Pessoa. It is conveniently located in an area that offers easy access to all the people that live in this magnificent city. The mall is a major shopping center for all the people of the city and beyond. It contains that you would expect in a mega mall. Whether it is food or entertainment, you are spoilt for options at this mall.

Manaira is the main hangout spot for the residents of the city. People from within and outside this magnificent state often visit it. They come here for the mega theaters, the food, the bowling alleys, the food courts, the bars and much more. The mall is so big; it can be compared to a small city. It contains everything that you will ever need while doing your shopping.

The entertainment

A major reason why people visit this mall is for the entertainment. It contains 11 movie theaters that are fitted with some of the latest technology in the entertainment world. Thus, you can expect to get a high-quality audio-visual experience that is unmatched by anything else you will find in Brazil. Best of all, these movie theaters showcase different genres. Thus, you can always find something entertaining when you visit. If you would like an immersive 3D movie experience, you should visit this mall. Three of its theaters feature the latest in 3D equipment.

It main entertainment center is the Domus Hall. The hall can accommodate up to 8,000 people at once. It is fitted with the latest air conditioning to ensure that people have a relaxed time while enjoying an event. The hall has hosted some of the biggest events in Brazil with great success. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho

George Soros Is Pushing Social Justice Forward

The Need for Social Justice

Social justice is one of the most important things every society needs to keep in mind. Without it, you have a country where people are judged not by their merit but by the position they were born into. George Soros wants to do everything he can to fight this and bring forth as much progress as he can in the world. He does much of his work through the Open Society Foundation and politicians who favor the agenda that he advocates. Through these means he has managed to move mountains and bring forth more progress worldwide.

What He Believes Can Be Done

George Soros has helped people from South Africa to Eastern Europe. He has brought democracy and free market capitalism to people around the world. Today, he is focused on America and doing everything he can to make America a more progressive and inclusive place. In order to do this he has done everything he can to win more support for globalization and immigration. Unfortunately, there is now a growing opposition to these values and it is taking over politics as we know it. The recent success of Donald Trump stands as a great example of the increasing distrust shown towards the progressive politics of George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

The Resistance against Donald Trump

Donald Trump and George Soros stand at odds with each other on so many issues. The two billionaires have been at it since Trump was able to secure his nomination as the Republican nominee. Naturally, George Soros, a fan of immigration, was completely opposed to just about everything that Donald Trump made front and center in his electoral bid. Trump has made it clear he wants to end the current way the United States looks at immigration and the current way we conduct free trade. George Soros wants to see none of this end.

Keeping up The Good Fight

To prevent Trump from ever acting on his agenda George Soros has created his own coalition and wants to do just about everything he can to ensure that Democrats have a way of returning to power. As of now, Republicans control the vast majority of power in the federal government and the majority of state governments. It is an uphill battle for the Left but Soros wants to change things. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

About George Soros

George Soros is a philanthropist who has dedicated his life to bringing social justice to the entire world. He has done this through his non-profit organization the Open Society Foundation and through political contributions to politicians that support the policies he believes in. His work has led to changes around the world from the end of Apartheid to the election of Bill Clinton as president of the United States.

Read more: http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

Introduction of Five Star Hospital Services by Copa Star Hospital in Brazil

In an era that has been dominated by competition and demand for quality services, businesses are doing the best to survive. While others are going to the end of the world to convince their customers that they offer the best services, there is a hospital in Brazil that is using technology to win the loyalty of customers. True to its word, the Copa Stat hospital in Brazil is attracting patients from all walks of life in Brazil and abroad and in the process threatening other local hospitals. With only one hospital in Rio de Janeiro, plans are underway to open other hospitals of the sort across Brazil with target cities being Brasilia, Sao Paolo, and Londrina. Read more at Scoopnest about Copa Star.

But you might be wondering what’s special about this hospital .Well, unlike other hospitals in Brazil that do not emphasize of the concept of luxury, the hospital is capitalizing on the concept offering five-star services reserved for hotels only. There are modern ICU’s, state of the art operation rooms and modern robotic equipment. The Hospital Copa Star can handle

all kinds of diseases as it has a modern cardiology and neurology center called Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. Other than equipment and facility, the hospital has highly trained staff who have the ability to monitor a patient for 24 hours. The operation rooms in this hospital have been equipped with a modern technology called magnetic resonance imaging that allows medical professionals to scan patients during operation. Also, there is teleconferencing equipment within the operating rooms to allow conversation with highly trained practitioners in the case of a complication during operation. This technology makes it easier to share images and related information about the patient with foreign doctors.

The hospital is a brainchild of an RAF Architecture employee called Roderigo Sambaguy who says that he was motivated by the demand for such services during the 2014 world cup. He also says that the goal of the hospital is to create an environment that fosters healing and wellbeing. The materials used to build the hospital are also well selected to ensure that they comply with energy conservation laws. The air conditioning system within the hospital is connected with other systems such as lighting system, elevators, and medical equipment.

The facility is also equipped with a modern dining area where an exquisite choice of menu is available for the patient. What’s more, the dining room is fitted with comfortable leather seats to afford the patients some serenity. There is a grand piano in the facility, and the rooms have been fitted with artwork from Japanese artists. To ensure that they answer any query that comes along, the hospital has active social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The facility belongs to the D’Or Networks. Read more at Apontador about the hospital.

How InnovaCare has benefitted from Dr. Rick Shinto’s Leadership

When InnovaCare Inc. hired Dr. Richard Shinto as its president and CEO, the company had a clear goal in mind; it wanted a transformative leader with a proven track record. Rick has managed to prove his doubters wrong during his stint since the company has established itself as a force to reckon with in the health insurance market. During his reign, InnovaCare’s client base has expanded tremendously due to the opening up of offices throughout the US. Besides this, the firm has managed to penetrate the lucrative Puerto Rican market. Visit their website at Innovacarehealth.com

Dr. Shinto comes across as an amiable, friendly, and hands-on executive who always has a listening ear. This has enabled him to form a formidable team with the company’s chief operating officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Since he started out, his goal has been clear; to redefine healthcare insurance. This has helped him lead efforts aimed at meeting challenges that face the competitive healthcare sector. As a leading healthcare insurance provider, InnovaCare Health has been focusing on building resolute patient-provider relationships that are based on innovation, quality, and affordability. This explains why its healthcare plans are popular among low-income Americans.

Unmasking Dr. Rick Shinto

Richard is a career medical practitioner. His extensive experience in the medical field in perhaps what has enabled him to lead InnovaCare through an era of unparalleled but sustainable success. Dr. Shinto attended the University of California where he earned his BSc. Thereafter, he furthered his studies at the University of New York from where he graduated with a medical degree. He also attended the University of Redlands, where he graduated with an MBA.

This solid academic background has enabled him to provide astute, insightful, and transformative leadership throughout his career. As a medic, Richard’s area of specialization was pulmonary internal medicine. He delved into health management after working as a medic for a number of years. Dr. Shinto counts Normal American Medical Management, Medical Pathways Management, MedPartners, and Cal Optima among notable healthcare firms that he has worked for.

Owing to his immeasurable contribution to the healthcare sector, Dr. Shinto has been awarded prestigious awards throughout his career. This includes the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012. His star has shone even brighter at InnovaCare where he has helped establish several programs that focus on the needs of clients. He has also led the formation of partnerships with leading practitioners. This has gone a long way in consolidating the firm’s dominance in the competitive industry. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

Sam Boraie; The Businessman Behind The Face Of New Brunswick Real Estate

The real estate sector is crucial to the growth of any economy. In any vibrant economy, individual and companies have to work towards providing people with housing solutions that meet their needs. One of the people who are keen on shaping the real estate landscape in the US is the distinguished Vice President of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie.

Boraie Development provides out of the box urban planning solutions when it comes to the rethinking of real estate development in urban and suburban areas. With the right kind of partnerships works to move housing development to the next level.

The journey to develop New Brunswick began in the year 1977 and over the year has succeeded in changing the landscape of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Successful businessman Sam Boraie, as crunchbase describes him, works with the best there is in the field of real estate, doubles up as a philanthropist, and he hopes to create an impact on the New Brunswick community. Four decades ago, when the company started, the city was in a deplorable state. The company started by buying old buildings and renovating them.

At the moment, Boraie Development is on the verge of completing one of its most ambitious project in New Brunswick, a state-of-the-art high-rise residential building in the Metropolis of Aspire. View the company profile on Bloomberg.

In cities such as Atlantic, Boraie Development has envisioned a master plan that could renew the Southern parts of the city making it a preferred tourist destination. The PR Newswire reports that Sam Boraie intends to develop world class recreational facilities that the New Jersey community can celebrate.

With the development of New Brunswick, https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick, crime cases have gone down. Mixed-use developments created by Boraie Development have seen an increase in the number of businesses in the area creating job opportunities for many people.

Sam Boraie is not only accomplished in business, but also in philanthropy. He is one of the biggest contributors in Elijah’s Promise. This charity enables the needy get essentials such as food, clothing, and housing. He also has plans to relive Brunswick Cultural Center. This facility has the potential of attracting a traffic of over five million people coming to experience acts such as live performances in New Brunswick.

Customers Resolve Telecommunications Crimes For Leading Network

You can develop a strong inmate communication link with awarding winning Securus Technologies. They were once a high end inmate telecommunications regulations provider that was responsible for monitoring and surveillance. They quickly grew as one of the largest inmate telecommunications providers in the industry. Securus is proud to announce that their customers can spend less money on inmate services and features while talking more with the ones they love. Their technologically advanced features are some of the best in the industry. Become a part of a reliable network that is known for their high level of customer service excellence.


Securus Technologies recently did their part to address a telecommunications crime that could have resulted in higher rates for Securus customers. Their technology allowed their customers to solve a crime involving illegal communications fraud. These customers quickly notified Securus officials of the crime. In fact, they continue to do their part to provide a high level of surveillance and monitoring of their network. They proudly employee over 12,000+ IT professionals and ensure the highest level of training. Rest assured their is a friendly customer service professional there to answer your questions or concerns, when and if, you need them 24/7.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail is a personalized service that gives inmate’s the option of receiving messages at their leisure. It gives them the option of setting up a personalized account that allows them to receive messages from their love ones, legal counsel, friends, and perspective employment opportunities upon their release.


Remote Visitation


You can visit your love ones face-to-face over the internet and get complete control over the picture and sound. A few onscreen controls will give you access to complete control features.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details and promotional offers today.


Bruce Levenson And AHBE Are Suing For Damages Done By Former Insurance Company

Bruce Levenson and AHBE want payments for damages incurred during the sale of the Atlanta Hawks. Levenson owned most of the franchise’s shares along with AHBE from 2004 to 2015 when he sold the team to Tony Ressler and company. According to ESPN, the sale was completed as planned, but along the way Levenson and AHBE seem to have hit a snag with AIG, their former insurance company. When the team was sold, AHBE had opted to buyout then general manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and the policy they had would have covered such an event according to AJC. But so far, AIG will not honor the claim even though AHBE’s attorneys have stated their was enough evidence that AHBE was entitled to the claim. This situation is now being resolved in court where Levenson and AHBE want damage settlements.

Levenson is also an entrepreneur who owns a major newsletter publication company. He first went into journalism when he worked for the Washington Star, working there at night while attending law school at American University. Levenson decided to start his own journalism company along with his friend Ed Peskowitz in 1977, so they both founded Unified Communications Group (UCG), a newsletter organization that focused on developments in industries ranging from healthcare to energy and oil. Levenson also sat on the board at TechTarget, a company that spun out of UCG. More details on brucelevenson.com.

Bruce Levenson has helped start several charities over the course of his career, and has presided over several non-profit events. He is a contributor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, where he took the entire Atlanta Hawks team and coaching staff in 2014 while his mother-in-law told her story of survival. And he also helped sponsor the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program where inner city children learn about the event and learn how to become museum tour guides. Levenson is also a member of several political activist groups such as Seeds of Peace and BBYO Foundation.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Levenson

Marc Sparks, Helping Businesses Through His Own Experience

Marc Sparks is a businessman and entrepreneur that aims to help other entrepreneurs live out their dreams while making his own. Marc Sparks is known for the numerous startups that he has given life to over the years. He has helped a tremendous amount of companies bloom from their roots, to become leaders in their respective fields.

Marc Sparks believes that he has the power to be able to help businesses. He does so for the benefit of the people who opt for these services as well as the owners and individuals who started it.

He is known for taking companies that see little to no potential at the end of the road and turning them around to something that no one expects. Currently, Marc lives in Dallas, Texas, from where he leads his multiple companies and business ventures.

Marc Sparks is all about business models. He believes that through the proper formulation of a plan, anything that can be put into action. He knows that everything needs a good flow to run smoothly and by having a set plan, it gives the people he works with a sense of direction.

This has always been one of the guiding principles according to which Marc Sparks has run his companies and business ventures.

Because of the many years that Marc Sparks has spent among businesses, he has picked up a few things here and there as to what one can and can’t do when it comes to businesses. He understands the challenges that one might face and helps entrepreneurs to work around those challenges to make their companies s success in the respective fields.

One of Marc Sparks’ specialties is the sector of telecom and communications. He has owned and partnered with numerous companies within this industry, such as Splash Media and Blue Jay Wireless.

But telecommunication isn’t the only sector that Marc Sparks has divulged into. He is also known for his companies which are involved in real estate and investments.

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks is also a published author, with a book he decided to pen down after numerous turmoils and experiences in the world of business and entrepreneurship. The book is a learning tool for people who want to start up their businesses and are looking for a little guidance from someone who knows what he is talking about.

The book is a look into the life of Marc Sparks and talks about all of his business ventures – the successful and the failed ones. The book also gives you his insight into the different aspects that contributed to where those companies have reached today.

Marc Sparks is also a person who believes in giving to the less fortunate and displaced members of society. He has contributed immensely to a homeless shelter in Dallas and has worked to provide homes to people with Habitat for Humanity.

Doe Deere and Her Company: Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the cosmetics company Lime Crime. Born in Russia, she immigrated to the United States and has had several management jobs in the corporate world. This gave her some business experience and also let her know what she didn’t want to be doing for the rest of her life. She had a huge entrepreneurial spirit which led her to start her own cosmetic brand called Lime Crime in 2008.


Doe chose the name Lime Crime  since Lime was her favorite color of makeup and because she wanted her makeup to be so vibrant and original that it might be considered a crime to wear it. She doesn’t apologize for not following the average trends of the masses in wanting makeup to look natural. She wanted to develop a line to suit her own bold and unconventional style that would attract customers with a similar mindset.


One cause that is dear to Doe’s heart is respecting animals. That is why all of her makeup is cruelty-free with no animal testing. She also makes regular donations to a New York City no-kill shelter on a regular basis. Another cause she is actively involved in is teaching the principles of entrepreneurship to budding females who want to start their own businesses. She gives out free advice on her Instagram page and encourages girls everywhere to pursue their passion and work hard. She wants every girl to realize that they don’t have to fit into the mold that society has carved out for them and that they can be themselves and make money at the same time.


The main advice she has for others who want to be in business for themselves is to know your brand and be true to your gut. If you know your brand Doe believes that you will be able to be an authority in your market and attract a loyal following of customers. She also says she would never enter into any business deal that she doesn’t have a good gut feeling about. She has honed her instincts over time and can sense when a deal will be good and also when it might be bad even if it looks good on paper.


Overall, Lime Crime has consistently shown its great ability to rise to the top of the cosmetic industry over the last decade. It has also impacted the lives of young women everywhere as an example of how an extraordinary woman can create an extraordinary makeup line and succeed when others told her she couldn’t.


Read more at https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/.