Squaw Valley Ski Resort Works Quickly To Rectify Water Issue

The owners of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort have always taken a proactive approach to the safety and security of the guests who now attend the region on a year round basis, which was shown in the fast response Squaw Valley Ski Holdings took to the heavy rains that led to problems in their well water supply. Heavy rains were seen in the Placer County area of Lake Tahoe in October that were higher than anticipated and pulled contaminated water into the four wells that serve the Upper Mountain area of the resort leading to traces of E. Coli and Coliform being identified during water testing procedures.

A statement has now been released through Squaw Valley Public Relations Director, Liesl Kenney who has explained On sierrasun.com no health issues were reported because of the bacteria issues that were completely beyond the control of the owners of the resort. The statement went on to explain the water supply system in the upper region of the resort slopes had only been upgraded during the previous summer and allowed the group to identify the problems earlier; not only did Squaw Valley Ski Resort leaders address the issue with Placer County Environmental Health officials, but also brought in their own independent water supply experts to make sure these issues were addressed and corrected as quickly as possible.

Squaw Valley resort leaders have pledged to continue working with all relevant officials and independent experts in a bid to make sure the water issues are handled correctly before supplies are turned on again for guests. Among the steps on snow-forecast.com taken to protect guests have been the closure of Upper Mountain area restaurants and the provision of free bottled water for all guests using the slopes to their fullest potential. The statement goes on to explain three of the four wells have already been declared clear of all traces of E. Coli and are already seeing lower levels of Coliform; despite the improvements Squaw Valley officials have pledged to only open the water supply for guests when local officials and independent experts declare all supplies to be safe for consumption. See: http://squawalpine.com/discover-squaw-alpine-experience

UK Vintners: Offering Wine Investment to the Masses

UK Vintners PLC is a company based in the United Kingdom. UK Vintners specializes in the buying and selling of fine wines that are sourced from all over the world. The company has a lot of experience in this area and works to help clients that are interested in getting rare and prestigious wine and champagne from various countries around the world including Spain, Italy, and France.

UK Vintners understands that there are some reasons why one could be interested in buying expensive wine. It could be because of a special occasion or a celebration. Wine is also a commodity, and there are people who can be described as collectors of fine wine. UK Vintners can help you stock your cellar with only the best which you can then resell for financial gain.

UK Vintners has amassed a huge number of industry contacts from its work over the years. This means that it can get the best deals on champagne and wine. They get genuine products ensuring that they do not sell fake products to their customers. UK Vintners is headquartered in Surrey. Investment in the wine industry has been on the rise in recent years with big corporations making investments in the area. Emirates recently announced that it had invested more than $500 million in the industry in the past decade. Investing in the industry can be described as a particular and long term investment because wine gets better with age. Its price could increase significantly in the future.

The wines that UK Vintners sell include Chateau Lafite, Mouton Rothschild, and Latour which are some of the best wines in the world. UK Vintners maintains a brokerage service where people sell investment grade wine that is held in the bond market. The merchant recently put out a list of the wines that it recommends for the holiday season. On the top of the list is Beychevelle from 2008. The wine is soft and is made from strawberry and cranberry giving it a fruity taste. The wine should be consumed in less than 15 hours after bottling. It is on Saint Julien’s appellate.

The next one is the D’Yquem of 2009. It blends well with dessert. The white wine contains honey, pears, spices, and apricot. It is made at the Chateau D’Yquem in France. The winery has a lot of experience in wine making and has been in operation for close to half a century. The Pichon Baron 1998 is another one that they highly recommend. It is ideal for the festive season. The wine is at its maturity and so has low acids. It contains toasty oak, charcoal, and black currant fruits.

Ducru Beaucaillou (2005) is mature and relatively aged at the moment. The winery that it comes from is also in the Saint-Julien appellation and has been there for a long time. There is the Montrose of 1998 made from Merlot grapes and has an earthy texture. It also contains hints of plum and cherry. It is one of the best wines from the St.-Estephe area.

Read the Full Press Release: UK Vintners Advise Best Wines for the Holidays

Billy McFarland Propels Magnises to new heights.

Billy McFarland is the genius behind Magnises, an outstanding social club that offers impeccable services to its elite black card holding customers. Magnises provides clients with an experimental platform that offers them a chance to experience enhanced levels of life in their respective cities. Billy McFarland is a remarkable innovator with superb intelligence. He has proved his ingenuity through his outstanding role at Magnises as both the leader and founder.

Magnises is an innovative firm that has been founded with remarkable astuteness. This unique enterprise offers a platform for its clients to enjoy high quality professional and cultural experiences that their city has to offer with class and elegance. These experiences have been brilliantly matched to meet the needs and preferences of their clientele. The experiences are inclusive of performances for the VIP members, fantastic dishes by world-class chefs as well as remarkable art review.

According to Bloomberg, as an online entrepreneur, Billy McFarland has displayed impressive performance. At just 13 years Billy founded an outsourcing company that matched customers to interested designers. He attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he studied Computer Engineering. He later dropped out of his university studies to form yet another company known as Spling, where he still serves as the CEO.

Billy Founded Magnises back in 2013, a year later the firm launched its black card services. Magnises has over time continued to show remarkable success as an experimental benefit program. This is mainly attributed to by the competence in leadership provided by Billy McFarland. Billy as the Chief Executive Officer, Magnises has elevated to become one of the best service providers of its kind.

Magnises has recently launched their Magnises now App. An excellent application that brings the services that Magnises has to offer at the convenience of its clients. This App has an experience that makes customers feel like they have a PA in their hands. Magnises is dedicated to making sure that its customers enjoy most out of their towns in an elegant, straightforward as well as a comfortable way.

Healthy Eating Concept

There are many people today who are interested in eating healthy. With the new year approaching, many people are going to set goals to lose weight and exercise. Sweet Green is a company that expects an increase in sales at the start of the year. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job with the company. Not only did he start the company from the ground up, but he has grown it at an impressive rate. There are a lot of people who look up to the success he has had.


Nathaniel Ru


When he was still in school, Nathaniel Ru decided to start a company. Although it was an odd concept at the time, he had always been interested in eating healthy. In a college town, a healthy eating location indexes well with students. Sweet Green took off, and now it has many locations around the country. Nathaniel Ru has done a great job of managing the growth of the company. Although growth is a great thing for a business owner, there can be some reasons to hold back growth when possible. Without the proper capital, a business can grow so fast that it stretches its capital too thin.


Sweet Green


With all of the new locations opening around the country, Sweet Green is in a great position. It has a lot of loyal customers who are willing to pay more for healthy and natural food. This is a market that is expected to grow in the future as well. However, there are always going to be some people that do not want to pay more for quality food. In many geographic locations, Sweet Green is a concept that will not work over the long term. That is why Nathaniel Ru has been so picky about where he starts his new locations.


Future Plans


In the coming years, Nathaniel Ru plans to continue to expand locations for Sweet Green. He feels like there are dozens of additional locations where this concept can easily work. With the capital he has raised, he feels like the time is right to invest in growth for Sweet Green.



The Magic Of Magnises Black Card

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland is the founder of Magnises. Billy McFarland founded it in August 2013 and launched it officially on March 1, 2014. His aim was to come up with a black card that was exclusive. It was meant to offer perks and built on technology-based architecture.

The card is not a real credit card but can be used to replace original debit cards as well as credit cards. It has an annual fee of $250. It doesn’t have an initiation fee. By 2015, Magnises was able to raise $3 million as venture capital. It had over 10,000 members.

Facts about the Magnises Card:

Here are some facts about a Magnises black card:

It is a tool for payment. This card is not a real credit card. It actually activates the debit or credit card that the owner uses, onto the black card. It has been linked to the user’s bank for payment purposes. With it, they can be able to get discounts at bars, hotels, and even clubs.

It has an annual fee of only $250, and anyone can apply for it. The application process is quite easy since all one has to do, is fill out the application form online, and the interview is done on the phone.

Members have a clubhouse. It is located on Greenwich Avenue. It serves as a base for all the members, and they can meet there to hang out, interact and have fun.

Most of the members are aged between 21 -29, though there are interests from are older people who have become members. Magnises does not discriminate against members concerning age, occupation, or income. It’s all about how these members make use of their perks. The value they add to the society and to fellow members is critical.

McFarland’s goal is to improve all the aspects of the members’ life. He precisely wanted to add value to their way of life. Members don’t necessarily need a credit or debit card. A Magnises black card is exactly what they need to make their lives easier and better.