OSI Food Solutions has Carefully Upgraded Its Spain Facility in Order to Double Its Chicken Production Capacity

OSI Food Solutions is an American food company that operates facilities all over the world enabling it to serve an international customer base. Forbes values OSI at $6.1 billion and has recognized it as the #58 top American company for its high standards and continuance to offer highly customized food options to its broad range of clientele. OSI won a 2016 Globe of Honour that was awarded by the British Safety Council for paying attention to the details that make its company environmentally friendly. The Council found that OSI had excellent environmental management standards all of the way through its company.

OSI Food Solutions in Spain recently modified its Toledo, Spain facility enabling it to double its production capacity of chicken. The close to $21 million USD investment changed the capacity of the facility from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken on a yearly basis. The improvement means that the facility can now produce over 45,000 tons of high quality pork, chicken, and beef every year, and an added bonus is the fact that 20 new jobs will be available; including management positions that will be filled by qualified applicants with a desire to make the company greater than it already is.

José María del Río, the Managing Director of OSI Food Solutions in Spain, expressed the fact that the facility was upgraded to meet an expanding need for more chicken products in, both, Portugal and Spain. He further pointed out that the region has continued to see a six to eight percent growth in the desire for more food items with chicken in it and that the move made by OSI was due to the expected continued growth of this desire. The additions to the plant added 22,600 square feet and include a new are for employees to socialize, tanks with nitrogen and hot water, waste container rooms that are refrigerated, a fresh hall for production, and much more.

To ensure that the new facility was in line with OSI Food Solution’s model of sustainability, the company included installations of modern equipment that has already cut the facility’s consumption of electricity by close to 20%. To continue this, OSI built a refrigeration unit and cogeneration system in which heat can be recovered from and reused for other purposes. OSI also payed closer attention to ensuring that the facility had a good food defense system by installing indoor cameras and a surveillance system.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Review Of Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s Competence In Leadership

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an experienced dental surgeon .he has been practicing the dental surgery in England. Shafik is a well-educated person in the field of healthcare. He obtained his education from the University of London. He also attended Guy’s Hospital and dental school for further training in dental problems. He has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship in the healthcare sector.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is currently serving at Jamati Institutions as the head of the department. The institution is located in France. His role is to coordinate the activities that are taking place at Ismaili community. The organization has sixteen branches. Shafik is charged with all the activities taking place in the branches. His leadership abilities have given him another role at Ismaili Imamat and society. The experience that he has obtained over the years has guaranteed him success in the organizations that he is serving.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has contributed largely towards the leadership of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). He is the member of the Aga Khan. He has assisted in organizing and coordinating the operations of the organization. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has demonstrated competence in the service delivery. He has been the example in the implementation of core virtues in leadership. His able leadership has resulted in the increased efficiency at Ismaili Council.

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Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also serving in a managerial position at Sussex Health Care. He is working at the position of a chairperson. The goal of the organization is to provide high-quality heal care services to its clients. He has built a team of competent staff to ensure the service delivery is improved. He has also ensured that the necessary resources are made available to assist in providing high-quality healthcare. Shafik was involved in inviting connoisseurs who have experience in home care. The connoisseurs are responsible for mentoring the team that is providing home care. The team has made the Sussex health care to be famous in medical care and follow up services. Several awards have been presented to the clinic due to the exemplary services that they provide.

Sussex awarded six of its workers with a diploma of Chi Chester University. The diploma revolves around the services of social care. The diplomas awarded make away for those the workers who are willing to pursue higher education. Shafik has ensured that the workers have been trained in leadership and therapy services. The training ensures that the objectives of the organization are achieved. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has improved the efficiency of the service delivery through the training of the staff.

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Charter School Rocketship Education for Kids’ Schooling

If you’re tired of the level of education that your child is receiving in a public school, you need to consider sending them to a charter school. The benefit of charter schools is that they are giving your child a more personalized and private education without the cost that is involved when sending your child to one of those ritzy private schools. Instead, the charter school is funded by the public and is free for your child to go to when they need it the most. The beauty about choosing Rocketship Education is that both parents and teachers are involved in their children’s education. This means that you have a say with how your child is receiving their schooling, which puts you in the driver’s seat of how they are educated.

You will also find that Rocketship Education has been around for quite some time and is one of the most popular charter schools in the country. While they are based out of California, they have facilities all throughout the country. This makes it easy and quick for you to find a center that is ideal for your needs and convenience. Plus, you’re going to want to get them the education that is right for them and know that you’re not going to break the bank just because you want your kids to get a good education that is right for them. You are going to want to consider Rocketship Education for your kids and know that this is a company that you are going to be able to trust for yourself.

There has never been a better time to consider a charter school than right now simply because of the level of education that most kids get in a typical public school. If you want a better level of education for your child, no matter what their age happens to be, you need to consider Rocketship Education for this purpose. You can contact Rocketship Education to find out about their available programs and how you can sign your child up for classes that they will begin to take at their own convenience.

Doe Deere, her Love for Intensely Colorful Cosmetics, and Lime Crime

Doe Deere was opening a completely new concept of makeups with her Lime Crime when she opened the business in 2008. The famous singer cum songwriter was highly passionate about intense colors and made her own cosmetics to meet her needs since her childhood. Her enormous success in the cosmetic industry is much more than other entrepreneurs as she was creating a distinctive path which people failed to capture the importance of it until that day. The unique aspects of Lime Crime cosmetics make them highly attractive to sizable fans. The cosmetics are vegan, cruelty-free, boldly colorful, and certified products.



Over the years, Doe Deere expanded the product portfolio of the firm considering the demand from its fans, and now, it offers nail polish, loose pigments, glittery lip gloss, eye-shadow palettes, rainbow-colored liquid liners, criminally coveted lipsticks, and more. While coming to the business idea, Deere was designing her own clothes from her childhood, and she thought of creating her own makeup lines that can complement her dress. Considering her greater affinity to colors, Deere could not find any product in the market that could satisfy her needs, and she decided to produce cosmetics for her needs. Learn more:  http://yourbeautycraze.com/doe-deere-helps-wayward-cats-kitty-bundles/



She says that she is highly passionate about makeup and fairy tales, and she combined both passions to create an imaginative makeup brand that prompts everyone to use it. Since it launched, the cosmetic line attracted a significant number of people, and the Lime Crime products are available online and in many retail stores across the world. Deere admits that she originally wanted to be a clothing designer, and due to that reason, she graduated from New York-based Fashion Institute of Technology in fashion design. Later, she established her line of clothing online in 2004 by collaborating with eBay. During those days, she started using the brand name “Lime Crime” for the first time.



The initial pace in the clothing industry helped her to understand the flow of trends in fashion and convert them efficiently into marketing to expand the business. Though she was highly passionate about the fashion industry, Deere was apprehensive whether it is her right industry. She says that she was experimenting on those days to trace what she really wanted to be in her career. When she conceived the idea of establishing the makeup brand, Deere identified that it is her domain, and she could not look back after the decision.



The people around her were very enthusiastic about the cosmetic products than fashion products, and she realized that she was on the right track. While coming to the marketing of the initial days, Deere started a blog focusing on makeup tutorials and explained how the line of products could help people in a greater way. She also conducted numerous online contests and focused on social media. Deere used creative methods to increase her online presence and consistently improved the fan base of the business. Today, the Instagram page of the brand has more than three million followers, and they make the journey of her brand hassle-free.


Taking Care of Prostate Cancer with Dr. David Samadi

Dr. David Samadi is a member of the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association. He is also an associate professor at Northwell School of Medicine. He has also been featured on several television shows, including Fox & Friends, on discussions regarding the health insurance of men and women. Dr. Samadi got his first practice at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital before becoming the vice chairperson of the Department of Urology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine. He, later on, became the chief of minimally invasive surgery and robotics in the same hospital. He was named the highest paid surgeon in 2012 when he made $7.6 million. He was made the head of robotic surgery and the urology department at Lenox Hill Hospital later in 2013.

David Samadi was born to a Persian Jewish society in Iran but was later forced to leave the country for Belgium as a result of the Iranian Revolution. Together with his brother who at the time was only 12 years old, they managed to further their studies in Roslyn, New York. Dr. Samadi, later on, pursued his childhood dream career, becoming a doctor, at Stony Brook University in 1994. This was after earning his first degree in biochemistry. He also went on to be trained in urology and proctology at Montefiore Medical Centre and Albert Einstein College Medicine respectively.

In 2017 alone, the number of men that had been diagnosed had risen to 161,630. Most of these men were aged 60 years and above. The American Cancer Society has stated that 2018 will see a possibility of at least 164,690 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Recent statistics have shown that the average age for diagnosis on this disease stands at 66 years.

There are two primary treatment methods for prostate cancer, including surgery and radiation. According to Dr. Samadi, surgery is normally the best option. However, the choice normally lies with the patient. Therefore, he has to take the initiative of explaining the merits and demerits of both methods and let the patient choose what works best for them.

From a personal perspective, he points out that treating prostate cancer using surgery ensures the patient has up to 100 percent survival rate after the surgery. In addition, patients who go through with surgery recover quicker. Besides, it becomes easier to treat any side effects that could come as a result of the surgery, including the development of secondary cancer formations.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidsamadi

Fabletics: Leveraging Crowd Power to Become a Leading Brand

Fabletics has grown from a small startup to a household name. Leggings are definitely one of the top trends of the day and Fabletics is at the top of the market. Successful clothing companies know that when it comes to getting a customer to make a purchase decision, leveraging the power of the crowd is the key. By leveraging the power of the crowd, brands are gaining massive market share and also gaining loyal customers that will return again and again. It’s no secret that consumers look to others before they make a purchase decision. In fact, a recent study of consumer trends found that 84% of people will look at online reviews before making a purchase decision. The study also found that a majority of consumers trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendation.


The use of leveraging the crowd has definitely contributed to the company’s massive growth. Fabletics now has over one million members that purchase athletic wear from them on a monthly basis. The company has done $250 million in sales and has grown a massive 200% since it was started just a few short years ago.


Fabletics has never been a traditional clothing company. It was founded with the goal of going digital first. Fabletics leverages the power of the online world. While many traditional retail stores look to attract people into their stores, Fabletics delights fans by giving them the power to do all their shopping online. Today’s consumer typically goes to a store to see what they would like to buy before going home and checking online to see if it is available at a lower cost. By giving customers everything they need in one online space, Fabletics has a much lower overhead cost than companies with physical locations. Fabletics has just a handful of stores in a few key cities.


Kate Hudson, actress and fitness enthusiast, is the name and face of Fabletics. She joined the Fabletics team because providing women everywhere with affordable, stylish athletic wear was a passion of hers. She notes that she would never agree to being the face of something she truly didn’t believe in. Also, as an active person herself, she loves the styles provided and wears the products regularly. However, she isn’t just the face of Fabletics. Kate Hudson joined Fabletics with the goal of actively working as part of the team. She checks sales data every week, attends meetings and directs the social media marketing for Fabletics.


Fabletics is also expanding to service more women with trendy athletic wear. The company recently announced a line of athletic wear for plus size women. This line should be rolling out soon. If you aren’t a Fabletics member yet, you can jump over to their website and try the Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz is just a few short questions and at the end it will generate a custom profile for you based off of the quiz’s algorithm. This means that the website will be tailored to your fitness preferences and style!

Todd Lubar and His Indefatigable Passion for Smart Homes Technology

There is now an alarmingly exciting rate of changes in how technology affects our homes today. It may even be safe to say that there seems to be an amorphous force fuelling the inventors today to not stop creating these fantastic inventions to make our homes even smarter and more efficient. One of the many passionate business leaders today who are amenable to these new tech changes in our homes is Todd Lubar. In fact, in a news article from Philly Purge, you can read that Todd Lubar is now pushing and campaigning for the use of new technologies that improve the operations and household functions inside our common homes. Check out angel.co for more.

The Innovation That Starts In Your Kitchen

Innovation, at least according to Inspirery, is a driving force in the economy. If you want to get ahead or at least be in the loop of where the market is heading, then you might want to consider putting smart homes development in your life plans. Sure, we may still be sticking with time-tested tools and utensils such as knife, spoons and chinaware in the next years to come, but if you want to diversify your portfolio, it might be helpful to put some of your money in the new smart home inventions today. You can visit Medium to see more.

Todd explains in the article that the smart home technologies today will let you control your appliances and home lighting just by a few clicks in your phone. You can control your home temperature. You can control the light switches in your bedrooms and even the sound system all in the convenience of your phone in just a few clicks. Truly, this will revolutionize everything that’s being done in the real estate industry today.

About Todd Lubar

Currently the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC, Todd Lubar is an active and speedy business leader who is open to new changes. His position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation and Legacy Financial Group is a fascinating proof that he can kickstart new projects and sustain its growth with impressive and deadly fantastic success rates.

We’re not even including here the incredible success that he gained after growing Maryland Legacy Financial’s production office to about 100 million dollars a year in total loan volume.

Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

The cyborgs are prevailing and they’re miles away from quitting. Many people worry about the possibility of technological development. They suppose that once artificial intelligence becomes a truth that cyborgs will take over and the apocalypse will be brought about. Cynical humans have even presented the idea that artificial intelligence will update the workplace and make human labor obsolete, leaving millions of humans without a manner to provide for themselves. Thankfully, this isn’t the case. Certainly, artificial intelligence is an exquisite way to assist human beings with normal activities and make lifestyles easier. Advertising is one specific case wherein the usage of synthetic intelligence has already been embraced.

The use of Sentient AI in advertising and marketing and personalized merchandising is on the upward thrust. The Sentient AI corporation has been developing the software for years and it is now out of its beta stages. They saw the need for an advertising software and constructed it; entrepreneurs and advertisers have been stressed out and overworked. The large on-line area is simply too large for any human to work with alone. The largest part of marketing – generating thoughts, being innovative, brainstorming, reading information – may be sent into an algorithm. While the marketers give you the magic ideas that make clients tick, the algorithm is hard at work imposing and checking out each concept.; when patrons respond well to a given concept it gets observed by a statistical spike in information. Customized merchandising may be accomplished by means of monitoring metrics on users and imparting each individual person with a customized recommendation. This may have huge effects while you’re seeking to enhance your conversion.

The advances in Sentient AI have empowered managers with more time to to delegate tasks to advertising teams and builders. The processing energy to analyze potentially hundreds of inputs with heaps of configurations is an quintessential asset to ecommerce groups. Traditional strategies carry a most of maybe 3 inputs for trying out at a time. Sentient AI can analyze these configurations in rapid succession and end the testing in the time of a month or two. That is the benefit of Sentient AI.

Read: https://futurism.com/sentient-technologies-launches-the-most-advanced-shopping-assistant-to-date/

Advertising teams have already started to include Sentient AI for non-public merchandising. The results on conversion rate are continuously spectacular and the leaders in the marketplace are implementing tracking to optimize their sites. Remove the clutter from each day, and get Sentient AI.

Sahm Adranji’s Career As a Well-Known Investor

Sahm Adrangi is one of the best investors in the world. His career began many years before he became self-employed, but he became well-known after he started his own company in the financial sector.

What Did He Do Before He Started His Own Business?

He worked in finance throughout his entire career. There were two companies that he worked for before he became self-employed. He worked as an analyst at one of them. He was always well-regarded by his employers.

The Founding Of His Company, Kerrisdale Capital:

Kerrisdale Capital began as a fairly small company. He started it with one million dollars, but it grew rapidly. Kerrisdale Capital currently manages more than 100 million dollars worth of stocks. His company is still growing.

What Investment Strategies Does Kerrisdale Capital Offer?

The company gives clients many ways to diversify their portfolios. They offer numerous types of stocks, bonds, and alternative investments.

Sahm Adrangi and other experts at Kerrisdale Capital are especially well-known for their knowledge of hedge funds and short selling. The company also specializes in helping investors purchase stocks in small businesses.

Sahm Adrangi’s Writing:

Sahm Adrangi has published a lot of research papers on investing. He discusses hedge funds and short selling in his research papers. He also talks about how to research a company before making an investment. His research papers are easy to access, and they are available on the internet for free.

He Has Worked Hard To Keep The Public Safe:

He discovered that China Education Alliance and China Biotics were engaged in unscrupulous business practices. After he alerted the public, these companies quickly stopped the illegal activity and the SEC filed charges. Many more people would have fallen victim to the illegal business strategies that these companies used if Sahm Adrangi hadn’t warned the public.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sahm-adrangi

Lacey and Larkin, and Their Focus on Migrant Rights

In late August, United States president Donald Trump pardoned Joe Arpaio, a man who some who knew him well referred to as America’s worst sheriff. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had personally felt the brunt of Arpaio’s dark underhand dealings ten years ago.

They were at that time the executive editor and the CEO of their newspaper outlet. They had angered Arpaio because of an article they had carried earlier in the day, which Arpaio felt exposed him and his activities negatively.

Arpaio was never happy with these two, and he felt they unfairly targeted him. Somewhat, their sharp eyes never failed to notice his cruel actions, and they would proceed to write in in their tabloid, the Phoenix New Times, for the whole world to see.

That day Arpaio had the two arrested, in utter violation of the First Amendment. The arrest caused outrage across the world, and the department had to respond to the negative global coverage they were receiving.

The newspaper, as is its sole responsibility, wrote of the wrong things that were Arpaio. These ranged from his election into office 16 years before their arrest, to the many crazy policies that he put in places such as restraining expectant mothers to their beds and the many suspects who died in his jail cells.

Five years later, the county would pay $3.75 million as compensation for unlawful arrest. Lacey and Larkin would use this to start a new nonprofit organization, the Frontera fund, whose sole aim is to fight for the rights of migrants and immigrants. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Michael Lacey | Twitter

In 2016, Arpio supported Trump’s nomination and final stab at the presidency, probably after reading the signs of his dwindling prospects for the future. His support for Trump paid off because, in late August 2017, Trump decided to pardon Arpaio, a good friend of his, and this gave him the lifeline he needed, as it helped him avoid further lawsuits.

It is probably their common way of looking at issues and attitudes they possess, for example, their attitude towards migrants, that these two came to be comrades, supporting each other in their time of need.

Lacey and Larkin have a long history together. They started working together in 1972 when they teamed up and took the helm of Phoenix New Times, which at the time was a campus weekly publication.

In the course of time, they added more content to their paper, covering areas such as sports, social events as well as the politics of the day. It worked well and increased their readership.

Within a few years, they got into more partnerships with other media outlets, including the Village Voice, and this would see the new conglomerate cover from coast to coast, reaching a wider net of people with a publication which had more content and variety.

It is, however, their arrest and imminent jailing in 2017 that catapulted them to the top of global news. The case attracted widespread attention, and within 24 hours, the subpoenas and charges against them got dropped.

They decided to use the final compensation they got from this unlawful arrest in a way to defend the rights of the migrants and immigrants, the Latinos that lived with them and whose rights Arpaio grossly kept violating.